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Top Point of Purchase Tips | Simpson Group

Consumers face many distractions when entering your store, many have that glazed look in their eyes daydreaming about the latest gossip on TV, whilst others are glaring down at their smartphones. A question we get asked often is how would we advise stores in increasing footfall and gaining the consumer's attention through the point of purchase displays. Thus, we have put together our top pop tips (try saying that ten times over). 68% of consumers believe that POP signage reflects the quality of a business and their product. Think of your in-store signage as your silent sales force. It can communicate messages to your consumers the same way a salesperson can. Here’s our 5 Top POP Tips:

Your POP should have a purpose

Before you set out on your POP journey, you need to define why you are wanting to utilise point of purchase displays in your store. You need to carefully think how the display unit will advertise and promote your product to its best ability, and yes point of purchase can literally sing or dance if you want it to. There are four main functions that a point of purchase display usually fulfills: To build traffic: Attract more people to your store to increase impulse purchases. Create Awareness: To introduce a new product to prospective buyers. Create an impression: Inform your customers why purchasing your products will have a positive end-result. Increase sales: Know what your customer wants and how to tap into their impulsivity to increase in-store purchasing.

Understand your customers

Think you know your customers? Think again… by answering the following questions about your target audience will allow you to target your customers.
  • What is your target customer demographic?
  • What drives your customers to your shop?
  • What’s your customer’s personal values?
  • What is their lifestyle, and how does your product benefit this?
By understanding your customer’s beliefs and values will allow you to create target-specific POP displays that will captivate and connect with your consumer base. It’s all in the design Branding is an incredibly important part when designing and developing your point of purchase FSDU, as a retailer you must ensure that your unit is easily and quickly recognised especially against competitors. Usually, attractive packaging and on-display coupons or premium offers will draw your consumers to your retail display. Simplicity is key, use simple designs with attractive colours and clear imagery. The functionality of your display must be sound and eye-catching. Your customers shouldn’t be worried about it crashing down when they try to place their items into their cart. To create a useful customer experience when they interact with your retail displays units, consider:
  1. The touch ability of the product
  2. Does it make a sound, if so does this sound remind the consumer of a memory? For example in our AG Barr snowman display, the song walking in the air was incorporated into the display using a small music box.
  3. Clear price tags

Be Space aware

Know your store back to front, and how you can successfully utilise POP and FSDU displays to maximise footfall and increase sales. However also know your limits, and don’t try to cram everything into your store as this can have an adverse effect. Make sure your point of purchase display takes your store’s floor plan and shelf plan into consideration. More examples of POP displays:
  • Dump bins placed to elicit curiosity. We’ve all seen those bins stacked high with products.
  • In-store banner displays/ signage. Using graphics and messaging to inspire last minute shopping decisions.
  • A store within a store. The most elaborate form of POP is a vendor shop.
  • Interactive displays, like those providing free samples.
  • Shelf edging placed directly next to the checkout stand.

What’s your purpose and message?

To avoid your displays being ignored by your customers, make sure that it is personally relevant – emotionally involving the customer. Make sure your message includes:
  1. Captivating headlines
  2. It provides value and purpose to the customer’s shopping experience
  3. Clear and simple
  4. Has a call to action that is clear and transparent to the consumer with no hidden agenda.
If you aren’t using point of purchase displays in your store you are missing out. Your store’s point of purchase should form an integral part of your marketing strategy. Any tool that can be used to enhance your positioning is a valid approach towards communicating with your target audience.     If you would like to discuss your store's POP further, please feel free to contact us on :  
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