Point Of Sale Displays

Point of Sales Displays (POS) are used by retailers anywhere in a store at the point where a customer purchases goods to entice them to buy more. Counter Display Units (CDU) are usually placed at the till and are designed to catch the eye by promoting a new range or special time-limited discount for lower-priced products or essentials such as toothpaste or batteries that we all need but often forget to buy.

The display will incorporate the store’s branding and colours and can be an excellent marketing tool for most types of retail outlets.

Simpson Group are skilled experts at printing and delivering POS Displays for retail and many other industries. We can create a bespoke design that reflects your branding to increase your in-store sales. Our range of high-quality POS products will effectively promote a campaign, product, or service. In a competitive industry, it’s vital that you choose the right POS printing solution for your products to stand out in the retail environment. Simpson Group creates displays that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

We design and create free-standing display units, leaflet holders, and retail window displays to name a few. Each of these are designed to communicate your message to consumers to create an effective sales boost for your brand.


POS retail displays are designed to push products or promotions that encourage shoppers to impulse buy at the point where they are buying something else. A POS display is designed to be eye-catching, quickly drawing attention to the offer or promotion, giving more visibility to products at the point of purchase to persuade shoppers that they need to buy the product.

This type of display is very effective for marketing a new product line as they make things stand out and entice customers to put the product in their shopping basket. There are different types of point of sale displays however some of the most popular are free standing displays and counter display units. Both of these are a great way of drawing attention to old stock that retailers want to promote and sell to create space for new ranges. A “bargain bin” beside till points can help to draw attention to this type of product and persuade shoppers that it’s something they need to buy.


POS displays can have a big impact on the success of sales within your retail store because they draw attention to certain products and encourage customers to purchase. They can help you to optimise space and by positioning your products in strategic places, they encourage impulse buying as customers prepare to purchase something else.

For a retail POS display to have the most impact, they need to be changed regularly. They work well for seasonal, hard-to-sell, and smaller items such as confectionary or hand sanitiser and let you sell creatively. Displays can be interactive, allowing customers to smell or touch the product, or they could include a QR code to increase customer engagement with the brand and product.




One of the advantages of using POS products is that they can be designed to promote your brand as well as the products themselves. Simpson Group has partnered with some of the leading brands in the market, creating bespoke, branded POS displays that work hard to increase impulse purchases. We work with our clients to ensure that we create displays that meet their requirements whether that’s to promote hard-to-sell products or an entirely new range.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you create a bespoke POS product, get in touch with our dedicated client services team. They will talk through your requirements and advise you about creating a product that is innovative and stands out to deliver impressive results.


How Do Point Of Sale Display Stands Affect Retail?

A POS display can have a big impact on the success of sales within your retail store because they encourage customers to purchase something else when they are already at the point of sale. They can be used to sell specific items and ranges, whether they are brand new or the end of a line that you want to clear to create space for new products. They work best with lower-value items and promotions for products that are household essentials such as batteries and tissues, and seasonal items such as sun cream or Christmas cards.

Why Use POS Display Stands?

POS display stands are a cost-effective way of drawing your customer’s attention to specific products that you want them to buy. They can be created specifically to showcase a particular product that lets shoppers browse and select items that they hadn’t necessarily intended to buy. They are an effective marketing tool both for the retailer’s brand and the product they’re displaying.

How Are Point Of Sale Displays Different To Point of Purchase Displays?

A POS display is positioned at the place where a transaction happens so usually close to the till or where customers queue to pay. Because the shopper has already decided to purchase something, they’re a great tool to use to get them to add something else to their basket.

A Point of Purchase display (POP) is the physical place where products are displayed throughout a store. This could include freestanding or end-of-the-aisle displays that have promotional signage.

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