How To Make A Successful POS Display

How To Make A Successful POS Display

With the competitive nature of the retail sector, and online shopping at an all time high, it's more important that ever to make your in-store experience as memorable and engaging as possible. POS displays can be used to promote sales, increase brand loyalty and awareness, and educate your target customers. An Eye catching and strategically placed point of sale display can act as a powerful marketing tool and help you stand out from competitors.

Why Are Point Of Sale Displays Effective?

POS displays offer the ideal solution for retailers wanting to promote sales, promotional items and new launches. Strategically designed and located to elevate your sale display and boost sales by persuading customers to make impulse purchases. Point of sale displays work to optimise your retail space and give products more visibility. A free standing display unit for example, if placed in a visible position, can help advertise a product with relevant branding which can make the product stand out more and potentially lead to a a sale.

What Are The Differences Between POS and POP displays?

POP and POS displays are equally effective forms of print marketing that are particularly popular in a retail environment. Both forma useful in-store marketing strategy that aims to draw customers attention to promotional products and encourage them to make impulse purchases.

POS Display

Point of sale displays, or 'POS' displays, are located where the actual sale takes places, and are usually found at, or near, the till point. POS display stands are great for pushing products that shoppers are likely to impulse buy rather than a planned purchase.

POP Display

Point of purchase displays, or 'POP' displays, refer to the point where the customer interacts with the product in a store and considers purchasing it. POP displays will typically take up floor space and are perfect for making promotional items or new product launches stand out.

Our Guide To Making Successful POS Displays:

Consider Your Target Audience

When it comes to making successful POS displays it is essential to consider your target audience. Every store is different meaning that your POS display should be catered to, and created with, your target customer in mind.

Make Your POS Displays Interactive

A great way to create engaging POS displays is to make them interactive. Including QR codes for customers to scan on their mobiles to find out more about the products, making your point of sale display interactive will make it more engaging and informative.

Maximise Visibility

Your retail point of sale display will work to maximise the visibility of your items. Effective retail POS displays design will create a better experience for shoppers through visual merchandising, as visual imagery helps create a desire among your customers, increasing the likelihood of them making impulse purchases.

Locate Carefully

Location is key! It's all well and good having a aesthetically POS display, but if your consumers aren't going to see it, strategically planning the locations of your pos display, to ensure they are in the path of your customers, will ensure that your retail display is as effective as possible. In order to figure out the most effective place to position your POS display you'll need to figure out your customers journey around your store. The lightweight nature of POS displays allows for them to be moved around your retail store with ease to help freshen up your store and create new experiences for your customers.

Leave A Memorable Message

While the immediate goal of a POS display is to encourage consumers to make an impulse purchase, it’s worth considering how a memorable point of purchase can help create effective brand awareness.

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