All You Need to Know About the Point of Purchase

All You Need to Know About the Point of Purchase

What is the Point of Purchase?

The Point of Purchase is different from that of the Point of Sale. It’s pretty easy to become confused when it comes to talking about point of sale (POS) and point of purchase (POP) in advertising. However, it’s more straightforward than you think. The POS is simply the area in which a customer makes a transaction. The POP is where the customer decides to make the choice to purchase a product. For example, the POP for a t-shirt is a clothing store, while the POS is an area where the till or self-checkout areas are located.

What is a POP display?

As mentioned above, the POP is where a customer decides to make a purchase. This can be either in the isles or floor of a shop or store. However, brands may tend to associate the point of purchase with POP displays. POP displays can also show facts benefits and facts of a product and can incorporate offers and discounts on them. There is also the belief that a well-designed and eye-catching POP display can lead to an increase in sales for a particular product. This is probably down to the fact POP displays isolate and product and makes it stand out amongst all the other products on the shelves. AG Barr Irn Bru Snowman FSDU

What are the types of Point of Purchase displays?

A point of purchase display is the marketing material used to promote, such as a hanging sign, or display a particular product, such as a Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU). The 3 different types of POP displays include: Temporary  Think of displays or signage that include promotional offers or discounts. They’ll typically be made from inexpensive material and won’t be around for long. Semi-permanent  These types of displays will typically be made from higher quality materials, as they are designed to last more than a few months. Permanent  Permanent POP displays are a much larger investment and can be made from plastics or metal and are considered to be a long term investment. Even though these types of displays are less common, major brands may consider using them as part of their long term strategies.

What’s the best type of POP display?

Hanging signs and signs, in general, tend to be the most powerful form of POP display in retail. In fact, displays with signs outperformed those without signs by 20%. According to the Point of Purchase Advertising International, 90% of in-store purchases increase when utilising effective POP displays.
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