Free Standing Display Units

Free-standing display units (FSDU) are an effective way of displaying products to catch the eye of your customer and encourages them to buy. Simpson Group can help you create versatile, bespoke display units that are a powerful marketing tool to help you promote specific products, maximise brand impact and increase sales.

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What are Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)?

An FSDU is a flexible display product that is dedicated to highlighting key items and promotions. Usually made from cardboard, FSDU displays are a popular standalone solution that combines practical product storage with bespoke advertising space to help encourage impulse purchases through strategical product displays. They are a great marketing tool in retail environments to maximise the impact of your in-store promotions, allowing you to highlight key products and sale events.

Their lightweight, portable, and sustainable design makes for a dynamic promotional display option for both retailers and brands pitching up at trade shows. Free-standing display units provide an easy, affordable, and effective way to do everything from advertising impulse buying opportunities to building brand awareness.

For information on Free Standing Display Units, check out our guide to FSDUs.

If you’re looking for high-quality retail display stands for your store, these durable and highly adaptable solutions provide a low-cost, in-store tool for turning heads and maximising revenue. Cardboard display stands provide a good return on your investment, helping you to make the most of every product promotion and increase what your customers spend during their visit to your shop. 

While an FSDU is a standalone point-of-sale (POS) item, they also work well incorporated into your entire visual merchandising display. Custom FSDUs are great to ensure that your POS items reflect your brand identity or promotions you are focusing on during a particular season.

Are you looking for Retail Displays that stand out?

FSDUs can be a low-cost marketing tool for retailers. But for them to be effective they need to stand out and catch the eye of shoppers who pass the displays on their way to purchase another item. They need to provide information such as price in a way that is easy to see, and instantly recognisable as to what the product is, stopping shoppers in their tracks and making them want to buy.

FSDUs are Retail Display Stands that stand out to customers passing by and bring their attention to particular products

Free-standing displays are an effective way of drawing your customer’s attention to particular products. They have several advantages including:

  1. Raising brand awareness. Free-standing units can be printed with the logo, fonts, and colours of a product’s brand, making it instantly recognisable to customers. If the branding catches their eye, as they walk by they’re more likely to stop and look at the product and decide to buy.
  2. Grabs attention. Positioned correctly, cardboard FSDUs grab attention and make shoppers want to buy the product. They are an effective way of increasing impulse buys, particularly when they are positioned at the point of sale. 
  3. Practicality. This type of display is simple to put together and can be moved around the store easily. So, if they don’t get the desired results initially, they can be easily moved to a different place in your store until the ideal location is found.
  4. Space-saving way to display. Free-standing displays can be located at the end of aisles or next to a till so they take up a small amount of space, leaving plenty of floor space for shoppers to browse.

By using FSDU Retail Display Stands, you have the power to:

  • Control how your product is presented to your customer
  • Push sales at the Point of Purchase
  • Increase your product’s visibility amongst the noise of competitor goods
  • Maximise your brand awareness in a busy retail environment

Our FSDU Retail Display Stands are:

  • Lightweight so you can position the display wherever you wish
  • Durable so you can display your products for a long period of time
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble – ultimately reducing the amount of time spent merchandising your products
  • Flat-packed for low distribution and storage costs
  • We print our FSDU retail display stands in a number of ways depending on the client’s brief. Our most popular printing method is printing in high definition using quality UV inks on sturdy EB flute boards
  • Bespoke so that your retail display is one of a kind and on-brand

How can you get the most out of your Free Standing Display Unit?

Eye-catching, space-saving, and budget-friendly, free-standing display units in retail are an essential weapon in any retailer’s merchandising and marketing arsenal. We can help you create in-store displays that will:

  • Complement your brand and the product: Free-standing displays are an off-the-shelf solution designed to stand out, but that doesn’t mean you should stray too far from your store’s overall theme. Our customised designs mean your FSDU echoes both your brand identity and the products it will be used to display and promote, helping to make a lasting impression on your customer. Your units can be designed in a variety of different colours and patterns so that they reflect your brand’s identity.
  • Look through your customer’s eyes: Typically between 1m and 2m in height, FSDUs vary in shape and size, so you’ll need to think strategically about where to place them. We’ll help you create designs that display crucial marketing messages that will be in your customer’s eye line. You can display items from beauty products, technology products, food and drink products, entertainment items, and much more
  • Think practically: Cardboard display units are lightweight, meaning they’re easy to move around the store and are also recyclable so they are a sustainable product. But obviously, the more a unit is moved the more wear and tear there may be, depending on the type of products you fill it with.  So, think about the type of products it will be used to display, and whether they’re a suitable choice for these light, free-standing units. 
  • Show products in their best light: Whether they’re positioned at the ends of aisles or en route to the point of sale, the customisable nature of FSDUs means that you can create a design that draws maximum attention to key products. With strategic in-store lighting, you can make your product promotions literally shine. 

Can I order a bespoke FSDU?

Of course! If you have something in mind that doesn’t fit our ready–made FSDU solutions then we have a team of experienced CAD designers who can walk through the process of creating a bespoke unit for your brand.

The benefits of having a bespoke FSDU is that it is solely unique to your brand, and won’t be seen anywhere else. You also have full control of the finished look and feel of the FSDU – this gives you the opportunity to tweak any details you see fit.

Other than working with a team of CAD designers, you will have a member of our client services team to guide you through the whole process, from the initial idea to the finished product. At Simpson Group we are proud to be working with you every step of the way.



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