What is POS? Point of Sale Marketing Introduction

What is POS? Point of Sale Marketing Introduction

What Is POS Marketing? 

POS marketing is a type of in-store promotion that happens at the point where a transaction occurs to help increase sales. This type of marketing uses things like branded display stands, floor stickers, and shelf signs that feature the products you are promoting.

What Does POS Stand For? 

POS stands for "Point of Sale". This is the point where customers have decided to buy a product and are about to pay for it either in-store or online.

What Do We Mean By Point Of Sale Marketing? 

Point of sale marketing is tools that are used as a way of encouraging customers to buy something they hadn't originally come into the store for. They are POS displays, posters, digital signage, or other marketing strategies that catch the eye of someone who has already made the decision to buy and encourages them to purchase the promotional items in addition to what they had already decided to buy. POS is an effective type of in-store marketing campaign that increases a customer's spend-per-visit. Used well, this type of marketing strategy can raise brand awareness, attract new customers, and give them a meaningful shopping experience as well as increase sales.   Point Of Sale Displays

POS Marketing In Retail Stores

Designing POS displays that create customer engagement and encourage them to buy is a crucial part of any marketing campaign for retail businesses. A successful POS strategy relies on several factors such as the location of the retail store, the colours and design, the layout, and the message displayed. The aim is to attract customers to products they wouldn't normally, or hadn't intended to buy that day. The positioning of the POS display or stand is therefore crucial so that they catch a customer's eye at the right time, helping to increase sales.  

Why Is POS Marketing Used For In-Store Promotions And Campaigns?

Point-of-sale marketing works because it encourages customers to buy from specific product promotions. Building a successful POS strategy depends on good timing, the right design, and most importantly, the messaging being consistent with the brand and other marketing tactics. It is used to draw attention to particular products, perhaps because they are new, end-of-line, or being discounted, and disrupts a shopper's journey, encouraging them to be reactive to the POS display and make the decision to buy. POS marketing can also influence buying decisions by encouraging someone who has gone into retail premises to browse, to decide to buy. It's also an effective way of raising brand awareness, helping products to stand out from all of the others in the retail environment.

How Is Point Of Sale Marketing Used?

A POS display works by encouraging people who are already on their way to purchase something, to look at another product that they didn't intend to buy, and put it in their basket as well. It's an effective sales marketing tool because the intention to buy something is already there for the shopper. By positioning posters, branded display stands, floor stickers, and other POS display tools, the shopper's interest is piqued making them more likely to buy whatever you are promoting. POS advertising and displays are usually seen in a retail environment. But they can also be effective marketing tools for encouraging customers in other industries such as the automotive, horticulture, and travel industries. 

How Can You Make POS Effective?

The key to an effective POS advertising and marketing campaign is making sure you have the right messages in the right places. So, the positioning as well as the content is vital. Discount and low-cost offers are more likely to lead to increased sales if they're part of your marketing strategy as a whole and used to promote products that complement what your customers are buying. Having a message that is concise throughout the customer journey is essential if you want to convert a one-off shopper into a long-term customer.   point of sale marketing

What Is The Difference Between Point Of Purchase (POP) And Point Of Sale (POS)?

Point of purchase and point of sale materials are both used to promote products and increase sales. However, there is a key distinction between the two and how they are used. Essentially, the difference comes from where in the retail premises the materials are displayed. These differences are looked at in more detail below:

Point Of Sale

Essentially, they both present products to the customer in the same way. However, they are ever so slightly different. Point of sale is an area in a store where a customer completes the last leg of a purchase. The checkout counter is a key place where you would usually find POS displays. This is the final stage of a customer’s buying journey, and it is the last point where can you offer a new promotion/ product for them to try. Using POS countertop displays can persuade customers to part with their cash for another product which can boost sales.

Point of Purchase

Point of purchase is the area strategically chosen for a product as it is a customer pass through meaning they pass this point during their buying cycle. Merchandise displays are highly visible here, therefore placing new product promotions is a great way to push sales. A great example of a POP display would be an FSDU that displays promotional items outside of its natural home on the shelf. The purpose of a POP display unit is to draw emphasis and get the customer to take notice of the product.     Irn Bru Merchandising Unit  

How Do POS Displays Compliment Your Retail Merchandising?

In the retail sector, shelf space comes at a premium – and point-of-sale stands such as free-standing display units (FSDUs) and dump bins are ideal for maximising your store’s merchandising potential. Fitting neatly at the ends of aisles, in corners, and around queuing systems, POS display stands are ideal for maximising the use of available space on the shop floor.   More products mean more revenue, as bulk buys and impulse purchases are added to every basket. As well as introducing more shelf space, POS and POP displays can be used to draw attention to your current offering, introducing visual merchandising into the mix.   POS materials such as hanging signs, display cubes, posters, and window clings can all be used to attract the attention of passers-by and highlight key promotions and products on offer. Whether you’re introducing retail display stands into the mix or simply wish to highlight what you’ve already got, the flexibility of point-of-sale display materials means you can customise and rearrange your merchandise to guarantee maximum impact by choosing the correct in-store POS solution for your store.   Whether you are a retail business, an automotive dealership, or a garden centre, you need to choose the right unit to display your products and promote your services. There are a wide variety of POP and POS displays to choose from with each option boasting its own unique benefits.   If you want to increase the available space on your sales floor or draw in customers with attractive digital signage, the selection of retail display stands available, on top of limitless customisation options, means you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your store.      

Our POS Marketing Display Products:

These versatile shelving units allow you to catch the customer’s eye and expand your shelf space in one go. Perfect for retail hotspots or queuing systems, they’re ideal for putting large amounts of stock in the customer’s line of sight.


These versatile shelving units allow you to catch the customer’s eye and expand your shelf space in one go. Perfect for retail hotspots or queuing systems, they’re ideal for putting large amounts of stock in the customer’s line of sight. In survey conducted by POPAI, 90% of consumers saw a wellbeing display unit displayed in Superdrug. compared to the 80% of consumers who saw a one in Boots. Of the different retailers with FSDUs in their stores, 21% branded FSDUs were seen, compared to a 29% unbranded FSDU, making an FSDU the most seen out of the likes of dump bins, gondola end aisles, shelf displays and counter top units.


Similarly to FSDUs, dump bins take care of your advertising and merchandising in one go. From magazines to sweets, they’re available in a variety of shapes and are perfect for boosting impulse purchases and driving bulk-buys at and around the point of sale.

Hanging Signs

From large retail spaces to high shelving, a number of factors can reduce your available wall space. Hanging signs are the perfect way to maximise the impact of your visual merchandising. From helping customers navigate the store by hanging them above product locations to highlighting key offers, hanging signs are an affordable and versatile solution for attracting attention. According to POPAI, 40% of retailers visited during Christmas utilised Hung Christmas point of sale merchandise to show off seasonal offers and promotions.

Display Cubes

These unique displays are visible from all angles when stacked, ensuring you catch the attention of customers wherever they’re looking. They can make an attractive addition to your current merchandising efforts and are perfect for highlighting seasonal goods and special offers. Totems and bollards Typically seen in sale season, totems and bollards can be used to draw customers in from outside. Both decorative and eye catching, they’re an attractive addition to your store front – helping to entice customers into your shop.

Counter top units

Both functional and eye-catching, counter top units and literature stands keep POS areas tidy – allowing you to present printed materials such as leaflets and brochures tidy and within reach. They’re perfect for events and ensure attendees don’t go home empty handed.

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