Bespoke Point Of Sale

Custom Point Of Sale Displays

Custom Point Of Sale (POS) Displays are designed with your brand and objectives in mind. Using our creative team we will work with you to produce a set of point of sale marketing materials that will stand out from your competition and drive results from the offset.

At Simpson Group we strive to fulfil the needs of our clients by exceeding their expectations, we like to push the limits of what is possible by pro-actively researching and developing innovative displays. Through our bespoke point of sale solution developed by our award winning CAD and New product development teams we are able to wow our clients so they can wow theirs.

Our clients and partners love the bespoke point of sale in-store marketing campaigns that we produce every year for them. We are fortunate to have design offices in the North East and London, making it easy for our clients to come and see their briefs take form.

In-store theatre and bespoke point of sale have become the go-to marketing strategy to drive footfall in-store and increase product sales. Our CAD and New Product Development departments have the skills and experience of producing amazing solutions that have the ability to wow and engage your customers. We welcome any type of brief and can produce a number of solutions for any promotions, theme or event that will stop your customers in their tracks and maximise your return on investment and impact.


Our on-site CAD teams at our main site in Washington and our design office in Langley play an integral part of our business understanding and developing the briefs of our clients. We take you from A – B, providing insightful support throughout the whole design process. Utilising high-end software and cutting processes such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk 3D, StudioMax and Esko ArtiosCAD to delivery exciting, stimulating and innovative point of sale solutions – ranging from FSDU to more bespoke point of sale solutions.

Our design process has been perfected since our establishment in 1972 taking our customers from creative concepts right through to design, giving you an insight on our CAD drawings, prototypes and preproduction. Our bespoke point of sale solution as a comprehensive service that ensures our products and designs meets your point of sale requirements and creates the results you want to see.



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