The Significance Of A Retail Store’s Entrance

The Significance Of A Retail Store’s Entrance

They say first impressions count, and that couldn't be more true for your retail store especially with retail store layouts. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, retail stores must stand out more than ever to provide customers with an in person shopping experience they enjoy, remember and will return to. The entrance to your store is the first impression you need to get right, and sets the tone for the experience any customer goes on to have in store. shopping center

Why Is The Entrance Of A Retail Store So Important?

The entrance of a retail store is so important because it is the first visual representation, and the first point of contact available to you to attract customers into your retail space. Standing out against your competitors and neighbours is a must in order to do this, and it isn’t just the window displays and outside signage that counts here, it’s the entrance as you step inside the store too. That first area the customers find themselves in needs to exceed their expectations for all of the following reasons:

First Impressions

As mentioned, first impressions count, and this applies to both previous customers and the possibility of attracting new ones. Your store entrance has the potential to attract passing trade, meaning that if you capture the attention of people that hadn’t previously considered coming in  you’re likely to increase footfall. Not only that but a good retail store entrance says a lot about what is inside the store itself, setting the tone for the shopping experience they will have. It therefore pays to put the effort in to make it attractive, captivating, clear and exciting to draw those customers in.

Customer Engagement

When it comes to providing a unique customer experience, making sure all aspects of your entrance keep the customer engaged is key. After capturing their attention outside, you want to retain their attention inside to encourage them to stay in the store and shop. Increasing customer engagement can be done through all sorts of ways, including store layout, store signage, the physical surroundings, and of course the point of sale displays that the customer comes into contact with first. Immersing the customer into an interactive or engaging display will spike their interest and encourage them to keep shopping. It provides them with a memorable experience that they go on to talk about, and return to time and time again.

Store Layout

When deciding the layout of your store and particularly the store entrance, taking note of typical customer behaviours is important to consider. People naturally enter stores and tend to veer to the right hand side, so it would be a good idea to make sure the displays and products on that side are really striking and noticeable. You can set up the layout of your store to attract customers' eyes and attention where you’d like them to focus, through the strategic use of space, lighting, displays, fixtures and signage. These first interactions need to be seamless to the customer, so they can quickly and easily find exactly what they’re looking for and which direction to head in. A confusing entrance with no clear signage, and uninviting displays is likely to disengage them and send them out of your store quickly.

POS Displays

Once customers are through the store entrance, you want to provide them with a clear journey through, but one that slows them down. Your point of sale displays will play an important factor in this, both for keeping them interested and for selling your products. Consider the location of each display and product, with the aim of slowing their pace through the store while they’re interested and browsing, but also providing an experience that flows naturally for them to increase the likelihood of sales. In current times it is also important to consider not only the store signage for products and where to find things, but also the physical direction you want people to take through the store. The customer flow should be well thought out to provide an interesting experience for the customer, but also to comply with current regulations. Floor signage for a one way system may be required, and extra information on safety measures should be on display if needed too.

What You Can Do To Maximise Your Retail Entrance?

Window Displays

As someone walks past your retail store, if they don't see your store entrance they may see your window display(s) and this could in-fact be the drawing factor for potential customers to your store. Window displays could be an opportunity to show off products to passersby or advertise any deals or sales your store may have. Whatever you decide put in your retail window display, it is important that you make the most of this retail space to help make that important first impression!

Retail Store Layout

Once a customer has entered your retail space one of the first things they will notice will be the retail store layout. This is a very important thing for customers as they will want to be able to navigate around the retail space in order to see what products are on offer throughout the store. If your retail store contains multiple floors, it may be worth placing a map of the store just after the retail store entrance in order to give customers an idea as to how the store is laid out. This is a particularly popular feature in department stores.

Customer Flow

Similarly to retail store layout, the customer flow throughout the store is incredibly important as customers will want a free flow layout that allows them to access different areas in store without worrying about congestion or long queues. In order to allow for customer flow and a free flow store layout, all retail stores must have spacious walkways and access points for customers that are neither blocked or restricted due to over crowding or too much store furniture.

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