Construction Site Signage

Here at Simpson Group, we understand that a construction site needs to be well sign-posted for both practical measures, and Healthy & Safety protection. We are proud to say that we offer a vast range of marketing materials that can be utilised on any construction site, at the highest quality of outstanding print.

Why Signage In Construction Is Important?


Having correctly displayed construction site safety signs in building and construction sites is integral to meet health and safety standards that helps in looking after employees and visitors as well as being a legal requirement that reduces risk. One of the best ways to relay health and safety measures in the construction industry and with construction projects and provide constant reminders throughout the site is with signage! This can range from construction safety signs to fire equipment signs or even include simply warning signs or visible safety regulations.

Different Types Of Construction Signage




Large Format Printing is our speciality here at Simpson Group, which makes hoarding printing for construction sites no exception! Construction hoarding advertising (otherwise referred to as ACM Hoardings) is a cost-effective promotional tool to advertise your project using state of the art graphic design.

Construction hoardings offer a sturdy and secure way to advertise your construction while aiding safety, security and privacy.


Construction Site Signage

Health and Safety Signs


Health and safety signs are essential for any construction site. These signs can help to prevent injury and ensure that workers, sub contractors and any visitors are fully equipped for any hazards in different working areas. Just like with fire exits, hard hats and safety clothing, construction sites are legally obliged to provide their workers with a range of health and safety signs to alert workers to the potential dangers and ensure they work in a safe condition.

We understand how imperative it is for a construction site to display the correct Health & Safety sign posting regulations in order to keep construction workers, site visitors and members of the public safe at all times. From large format to self-adhesive graphics, Simpson Group can create bespoke branded signage tailored to any budget.



One of the most cost effective forms of advertising, posters are a great way to display workplace safety measures throughout your construction site. Workplace safety posters help to ensure those working on or nearby the site are fully aware of the ongoing procedures. From helping to create a high level of safety consciousness, to indicating to the general public to stay clear of the area, posters are a must.

Our Products

Display construction site signage is a legal requirement and plays a critical role in reducing potential hazards on a construction site.

Simpson Group offer a range of high quality and effective print to help keep those on your construction site safe and aware. If you’d like to find out more about any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 0191 416 1579.



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