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Having an engaging retail display is essential for any retail business, from attracting customers and generating more footfall to enhancing brand awareness, retail display products really aren’t something you can go without. Humans are highly visual, so by using eye-catching, bold, and inviting retail displays it can help your business to stand out from the rest and drive foot traffic into your store. Not only do you need engaging and memorable product displays to stand out, but it is vitally important that your retail display catches the attention of potential customers to help create a memorable shopping experience that will benefit your store.

How To Maximise Your Retail Display

You’ll want to maximise your retail display as much as possible, to make sure your business is reaping all the benefits! This can be done in a number of ways, such as; using imagery that your customers can engage with, opting for unusual and eye-catching shapes, and regularly updating your displays to keep in line with the seasons. It can also be beneficial to display relevant items together in a theme as this can also help to boost customer experience, and encourage multiple sales. Spotlighting your products through retail display stands is great, but you’ll also need to use the right lighting to help feature these products.

Another tip to maximise your retail display – make them photogenic! It’s no secret that consumers love their mobiles and social media, and by making your retail displays appealing and photogenic, you can get free marketing out of your customers.

retail display

The Importance Of An Engaging Retail Display

Ensuring that you have an engaging retail shop displays in your store is a must. From window displays that grab the attention of passers by, to counter top displays units they encourage impulse last minute buys, retail display is not something your retail store can go without. It’s important to ensure that your retail displays are relevant and engage with your target audience, this is key to success in retail merchandising.

An engaging retail display is vital to the shopping experience, it can influence whether potential customers decide to come into your store to see more or continue to walk past. So you want to ensure your retail display is both unique and memorable! There are a variety of ways that companies can display products, these include banners, free standing display units, window displays plus a whole lot more! All of these have the purpose of communicating your message to consumers to create an effective sales uplift for your brand. Two of the main types of retail display are point of purchase display and point of sale display. The main difference between Point of Purchase displays and Point of Sale displays is that Point of Sale displays tend to be located near the till where the sale actually occurs, whereas Point of Purchase displays can be located throughout the store.

Point Of Purchase

With the right point of purchase display you can grab the attention of customers, promote your brand, and subsequently increase sales! The point of purchase is any part of a retail store where a customer engages with your product, they effectively place a product in the shoppers path throughout the store. This could be on the shop floor, at the shop entrance or at the tills waiting to pay. Point of Purchase displays exist separate from the rest of the aisle, giving the most exposure to the product, increasing the chance of shoppers picking them up.

Point Of Sale

A Point of Sale display is a print marketing method used to elevate sales, and are used by a large majority of retailers for a range of brands and promotions. Simpson Group produce a range of high quality Point of Sale displays that will help your business effectively promote a product, campaign or service. Our selection of Point of Sale displays include; free standing display units, hanging signs, totem displays and more. A key point to remember when implementing point of sale displays is their in-store placement – an ideal location for point of sale displays is on or near to the till. This drives impulse purchases whilst customers are waiting to pay.

point of sale displays

Our Retail Display Products

Here at Simpson Group we create displays that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. We produce an assortment of Point of Sale and Point of Purchase displays that will effectively promote any campaign, product or service.

Our range of Point of Sale and Point of Purchase products include:


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