Meet Our Directors

Meet our leadership team – the senior brains behind the Group. Each member of our leadership team is united by a love of print and client benefitting services.


Managing Director

Mark leads the commercial side of our business, which includes new business, marketing and new product development.

Mark has an impressive background working in Point of Sale, working with some of the High Streets most loved brands. Starting at Simpson Group in 2009 as Head of Business Development, his skills and insightful knowledge of the industry has shaped Mark into the director he is today.

As an active board member of FESPA UK, Mark is regularly commenting on the forever changing print industry and current trends.


Development Director

Sarah is responsible for the development and training of our staff and strives to make sure Simpson Group is a great place to work and grow with.

Prior to joining Simpson Group, Sarah gained experience in a number of sectors, including the textile industry and label printing, where she used her multilingual skills to her advantage.

“As part of my current role, I try to inspire and encourage those around me to adopt continuous development. We are continuously reviewing our employee skills and conducting training needs analysis in relation to the business plan, adjusting our learning and development strategy to keep the two aligned.”


Production Director

David manages all things production here at Simpson Group. Everything that goes out of our production doors is overseen by David.

David started 18 years ago as a print apprentice and has stated: “I am immensely proud to be part of the team taking the business on, my aspirations as an 18 year old print apprentice didn’t stretch this far!”

Over seeing the recent investment in our new Onset X3 Flat bed, David believes that the print trade is driven by the advancement in digital technology that we invest in heavily for better quality and faster speeds. David explains: “We are finding our customers want the product in-store more quickly and more cost effectively. It is up to us to deliver that.”