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Engage your customers with our Point of Sale Products

Simpson Group supplies a number of the most loved high street brands with point of sale products. We specialise in retail display and point of purchase/ point of sale products, helping businesses to increase in-store engagement, footfall and sales through stand-out campaigns.

We offer the widest range of bespoke products from Window Displays to FSDU retail displays stands and in-store theatre to retail display stands. We have a wealth of experience in retail marketing working with the biggest names in retail, leisure, travel and telecoms and deliver to over 14,000 retail outlets every quarter. We’re even home to Europe’s only simulated retail shopping mall – Influence Mall!

FSDU point of sale products

FSDU Retail Stands

An FSDU Retail display stands (FSDU) or a Free Standing Display Units is a type of flexible retail display that’s dedicated to highlighting key products. Our FSDU retail display units can be seen in many retailers using them for a range of products from Alcohol bottles, tins of paint and toys.

point of sale products

Point of Sale Displays

Simpson Group produce an assortment of point of sale (POS) products that will effectively promote a campaign, product or service. In a competitive industry it’s vital that you choose the right point of sale solution for your products to stand out in the retail environment.

bespoke point of sale products

Bespoke Point of Sale

Bespoke point of sale units are designed with your brand and objectives in mind. Using our creative team we will work with you to produce a set of point of sale marketing materials that will stand out from your competition and drive results from the offset. 

Web to print point of sale products

Web to Print POS

Simpson Group has a web to print UK service available online to allow our clients to produce targeted, regionalised and highly relevant POS for direct delivery to shops or area managers.