How Effective Retail Window Displays Can Increase Instore Sales

How Effective Retail Window Displays Can Increase Instore Sales

A shop window is the face of a retail store and how business owners entice new customers to come in and have a look around to see whether the shop sells what they're looking for. A well-thought-out retail window display is a great way to show off new products, display key promotions, and create an eye-catching first impression for shoppers. It's an important part of any retail marketing strategy. Your shop window can not only showcase your products and attract passing traffic resulting in more footfall and boost sales, but it also provides a strong message about what customers can expect from your brand in-store. The purchasing decision starts with this first impression so it is a key area to get right.


Ultimately, the main goals for your store are to increase retail sales and leave a lasting positive impression on your new and existing customers. This blog post will look at why a window display is so important to get right, and the ways they can increase sales in-store.

Why Are Window Displays So Important For Increasing Retail Sales? 

The window display is the first thing that shoppers see as they walk past your retail premises. If you want to entice customers to come inside and look around, the display needs to grab their attention. That's why this type of display is one of the most important aspects of design and visual merchandising strategies in the retail world. A good window display will capture the attention of shoppers and encourage them to go inside to explore the products and services. Innovative and well-planned designed windows can boost brand awareness and footfall and increase sales.

Window Displays Can Attract Passing Traffic

A striking shop window display helps you to stand out against your neighbours and competitors, increasing the likelihood of footfall into your store. An eye-catching, well-designed, window display should reflect the customer satisfaction that shoppers will get inside your store. It's an opportunity to create an amazing first impression that lasts. You need to make sure that your products are showcased in the display so that they draw people in, particularly new customers who weren't intending to go into your retail business. An effective display that encourages loyal customers as well as those who have never shopped with you before, to go inside will naturally increase retail sales in-store. Creating a window display that reflects the POS marketing and customer experience shoppers can expect inside helps to create a first impression that counts, with the potential to turn impulse buyers into loyal customers.

They Are A Great Way To Showcase Individual Products On Offer

A well-designed window display will give shoppers the information they need about the products they can see. Regardless of whether the display is showcasing a brand new product, one that's rebranded or repackaged, or one that's on special offer, a window display is the perfect way for retail stores to get them seen by potential customers. The display puts those products on a shopper's radar, enticing them to step inside, look at the product in more detail, and make a purchase. Cleverly designed displays will draw the customers' eye to a specific focus point, whether that's the product itself or take them on a journey through different display features that deliver the key information you want them to take in. Information such as price, design options, and style inspiration is relayed to potential customers through a window display. This should be the hook that piques their interest and draws them inside to look at the product they've seen. And once they are inside, you have increased the chances of new customers buying the product they’ve just seen and learned about from the display.

Engaging Displays Can Encourage Impulse Buys

A well-designed display that catches the eye of potential customers and introduces them to products they haven't seen before or hadn't intended to buy, can lead to impulse purchases which increase sales. Black Friday is a great example of the potential for an effective and well-thought-out window display to increase sales. It can show shoppers that the retail store is participating in the event, and promotes messaging around limited-time offers, great discounts, and must-have purchases. These methods entice existing as well as new customers into your store and create a sense of urgency. Ultimately, a well-designed retail window display can increase in-store spending because it is the first thing your customer sees. It acts as a low-cost advertising mechanism to push out valuable marketing messages and display items that customers feel they can’t afford to miss out on. Simpson Group produces eye-catching displays for avid shoppers, whether they are bargain hunters, new or existing customers. Using attractive and engaging displays will improve your footfall, which always has the potential to increase retail sales in your store.

Communicate The Brand Identity

A window display provides shoppers with a snapshot of what they can expect to see from your retail business if they decide to step inside your store. So, it needs to reflect your brand and everything that represents so that they make the right decision. Once you've got people onto your sales floor, you want them to stay there. There shouldn't be any surprises in terms of the price and quality of products as what they see inside should be a good reflection of what they see in the window.

Themed Displays Allow For A Wider Look Into Product Range

Creating a striking window display in your brick-and-mortar stores allows you to get your creative juices flowing and create a themed look at some of your product ranges. They can be dressed up or down and used as part of a wider seasonal theme. A Christmas display can suggest how a product range would work as a gift, or one in the run-up to Black Friday can highlight the level of exclusive discounts or free gifts that will come with it. You can paint a picture of how your products fit into customers' lives, creating that must-have feeling that results in sales.

Do You Need Help Creating An Effective Window Display?

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