Shelf Wobblers

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Here at Simpson Group, our shelf wobblers are printed onto durable and hard-wearing PVC material, which is ideal for long-term use. Our shelf wobblers are easily customisable and available to order online.

What are Shelf Wobblers?

Shelf wobblers are attached to shelving units (and other surfaces) in a retail store so that they can advertise or promote product features and special offers to customers. Each shelf wobbler should fit in with your brand guidelines so that they don’t look too out of place in your store – which is why all our shelf wobblers are fully customisable. Shelf wobblers are extremely effective in any retail space and are a crucial component in your POS display. Most retailers use shelf wobblers for in-store promotions as they help draw attention, which in turn drives sales and increases the spend per visit from your existing customers.

Customisable Shelf Wobblers

The team at Simpson Group understand how powerful POS displays can be. Our range of attention-grabbing shelf wobblers and other promotional products will help your brand stand out at the point of purchase – which is where 80% of the buying decisions are made. From the simplest circle or square shaped wobblers to the more complex contours and designs, we manufacture point of sale products to match your individual requirements and all of our shelf wobblers are fully customisable to suit your business.

What can shelf wobblers be used for?

Whether you’re using them within a supermarket aisle or in a cafe, shelf wobblers are an affordable and highly effective way to command attention in areas that are often crowded with many different products.

Retail Dump Bin | POS Printing

The Benefits of Shelf Wobblers

#1 They Stimulate Sales
Especially on crowded aisles, shelf wobblers draw attention to items customers would normally miss or not see!

#2 Interactive and Engaging
As all our shelf wobblers are customisable, there are absolutely no restrictions as to what you can print or display on a shelf wobbler. You can now even add QR codes to your shelf wobbler, encouraging the customer to check out or view more product information there and then.

#3 They Are Highly Practical
Shelf Wobblers are one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools there is within a bricks and mortar retail store. Like shelf banners, they help to increase consumer exposure and attract potential buyers.

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