Automotive Point of Sale Displays

No matter what area of the Automotive Industry you are in, whether you are involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing or selling of motor vehicles, Simpson Group have a range of print marketing products that can work for you! Print advertising is vitally important for visual car ads as they can be designed for targeting a specific market and audience whilst helping to engage with the right consumers and potential new markets.

Whether you are looking for bespoke signage for your showroom, or you are looking to get your very own branded safety guidelines printed for your garage, we can help your business today!

Automotive Print Marketing


The more you see something the more you remember it! The power of automotive marketing print is still as powerful as ever with the automotive industry being one of the most popular for iconic and rememberable advertising. Utilising POS displays throughout your showroom or car dealership can help to encourage potential customers into your store and boost conversion rates. Many businesses will use produce marketing and promotion campaign, generally with particular sales tactics in mind to push products they are trying to sell. This is something that we at Simpson Group can help with as we can produce a range of automotive print marketing materials with images and a different creative ideas so your campaign can be exactly what you need it to be.

How To Implement Successful Print Marketing In The Automotive Sector


When it comes to implementing successful print marketing, high quality design and print is a must. Investing in high quality print marketing will help your business to stand out against the competition, increase brand loyalty, and generate more revenue. The scale of your print marketing is not necessarily important however what is important, is to frequently produce clever print marketing materials that target a particular demographic, whether it be current customers or an appeal to a new audience. The automotive sector is one of the most fast-paced industries due to high-speed production and the large quantity of people who subscribe to a particular style of cars. This is why it is vital to ensure that your print ads, direct mail and vehicle campaigns all contain effective print marketing that can truly help your brand to be succesful.

Where Print Marketing Can Be Used In The Automotive Sector



Car showrooms hugely benefit from print marketing. Posters are a great way to inform customers of the cars and other vehicles when visiting your showroom whilst also promoting your brand. Whether you’re showcasing promotions, or products and services, you’ll want to ensure your automotive marketing is up to scratch with as much detail and visually engaging content on each automotive print marketing material.

Car Dealership

Why should they choose you over the car dealership down the road? Drive foot traffic into your car dealership through the use of bollard covers and other features in your car dealership. This is a great way to promote offers, services and maximise brand awareness by utilising features already stationed in your dealership.

Our Products

Simpson Group offers a range of automotive print marketing that can be utilised to benefit your business, including posters, bollard covers, window displays and more.

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