Quad Posters

What Is A Quad Poster?


A Quad Poster is essentially a poster that advertises a new release.
Whether that be a product, a service or an event. It’s purpose is to sell, therefore instructing our team here at Simpson Group to provide you with a high quality, durable product, with an eye catching, unique design ensures you with the best possible opportunity for maximum reach and impact.

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Where Would You See A Quad Poster?


Quad Posters are most popularly found at your local cinema. You will notice that throughout the foyer, screening hall and on the walls, the latest movie releases are advertised. Almost like a billboard, it’s large design is there to catch your eye and intrigue the mind into thinking about the movie.


You could also see a Quad Poster on the side of buildings when you are driving through town, or on the side of a bus stop.

Where Can You Use A Quad Poster In Your Business?


No matter what trade or industry you work in, any business can utilise our Quad Poster services here at Simpson Group. Due to its large size, you could utilise your Quad Poster to advertise a brand new service that your organisation is running, or a hot-right-now product that you anticipate to stick for a while. You could even create a generic branded advertisement for your Quad Poster, by utilising the large sizing to capture the attention of customers and passer-bys.

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What Are The Benefits Of Quad Posters?


  • Eye Catching – Due to a Quad Posters oversized dimensions, they are one of the largest formats of printed posters that you have available at your fingertips. Incorporate significant, recognisable branding, or unique, bold designs to stand out from your competition.
  • Durable – Printed onto durable, hard-wearing material making them perfect for long-time use.
  • Engaging – If you utilise your design correctly, they can be extremely engaging and persuasive in terms of stimulation sales and a buzz around the event / service / product you are trying to sell.
  •  Practical – They don’t get in the way of your customer’s journey around your store, centre or workplace, in fact they are highly practical as they can help to attract potential customers and encourage them to stop and think about what you are pitching to them.

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If you have seen an example of a Quad Poster yourself that springs to mind, and considering creating your very own for your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today! With our skilled CAD and NPD Department, and Client Services team, we work with our clients to fully understand the brief, so that we can deliver the very best quality and an effective Point Of Sale marketing campaign for your business. 

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