Quad Poster Printing


Quad posters are essentially posters that advertise your new release. They can be used to promote a product, a service, or an event and their key purpose is to sell. Measuring 30 x 40 inches, this type of advertising material is customisable so you can create an eye-catching, unique design that is on-brand and has a big impact.

Our experienced team at Simpson Group can create a high-quality, durable, quad poster that gets people talking about what you’re selling or promoting.

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Quad poster size makes them ideal when promotional material needs to contain information so that potential customers get all the details they need to make a purchasing decision.

Whether you’re advertising a film, promotion, or event, this type of poster can create the impact you’re looking for. It’s a cost-effective way of creating a buzz about whatever it is you’re promoting, encouraging people to find out more or book.




Eye Catching – Their size is one of the largest formats of printed posters available making it the perfect way to grab attention and encourage people to buy. On-trend, bold designs can be used to create maximum impact using recognisable branding to create a lasting impression.

Durable – Printed on durable, hard-wearing paper with high-quality inks making them perfect for long-term use

Engaging – Well-designed posters can be extremely engaging and persuasive in terms of encouraging sales and a buzz around the event / service / product you are selling

Practical – As they are placed on the walls, they don’t get in the way of your customer’s journey around your store, centre, or workplace making them a practical marketing tool. They can help to attract potential customers and encourage them to stop and think about what you are pitching to them.


    Where Would You See A Quad Poster?

    The most common example of quad posters is to promote a new film at your local cinema. Movie posters are used throughout the film industry to showcase the latest movie releases. They are displayed on the walls in a cinema’s foyer, screening hall, and restrooms.

    Almost like a billboard, its large design is there to catch your eye and pique your interest in the new release, encouraging you to find out more and book to go and see the film.

    UK quad posters can also be found on the side of buildings when you’re driving through town, or on the side of a bus stop. Anywhere where advertisers hope to be able to catch your eye and draw you into the poster and its images so that you want to go and see the film or event.

    Where Can You Use A Quad Poster In Your Business?

    You can use The size of these posters mean they’re ideal for creating a big impact to advertise things like a brand new service that your organisation is offering, or a hot-right-now product that you anticipate will stick around for a while.

    You could even create a generic branded advertisement to capture the attention of customers and passers-by with an eye-catching design that sparks conversations.

    The design team at Simpson Group can create stunning posters for any trade or industry to help you promote your products and services.

    What Do Quad Posters Look Like?

    These large, full-page posters are designed to have a big impact and encourage anyone who sees it to buy what’s being promoted in it, whether that’s a new film or an event.

    Created from high-quality paper and premium inks in a landscape format, they give a stunning visual image that is eye-catching and draws the viewer in, giving them a snapshot of what to expect from the product or movie.

    Show products in their best light

    Whether they’re positioned at the ends of aisles or en route to the point of sale, the customisable nature of FSDUs means that you can create a design that draws maximum attention to key products. With strategic in-store lighting, you can make your product promotions literally shine.


    At Simpson Group, our CAD designers and client services team will guide you through the process from the initial idea to the finished product to help you create a stunning Quad poster to advertise your product, service or event.

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