Product Dump Bins

What is a Dump Bin?

A dump bin is a free-standing container that’s used to hold and display products, typically in a retail environment. Generally made from cardboard, a dump bin is a lightweight retail display solution that offers practical product storage combined with strategic messaging – ideal for housing red hot product promotions or fast-moving items. Whether it’s highlighting special offers, launching a new product or throwing the spotlight on price reductions, strategically placed display basket dump bins for retail are guaranteed to attract the attention of shoppers on their journey around your store.

Placed logically throughout the customer journey, dump bins can follow a customer’s path around the store – leading the customer from the entrance to the point of sale (POS). Easy to erect and collapse, cardboard dump bins serve as a practical and cost-effective storage and display unit for retailers looking to encourage additional purchases before customers reach the checkout.

Retail Dump Bin

Point of sale (POS) display stands

The ‘point of sale’ is the place where a customer completes their journey through your store and reaches the till point – essentially, this is the point at which they pay for their goods. As your customers make their way to the till or queue to be served, dump bins containing high-demand, on-trend or seasonal items can encourage some last minute pick-ups – boosting impulse purchases on products buyers may have missed on their way around the store. This opportunity to increase what shoppers spend per visit is precisely why display retail baskets, point of sale or point of purchase displays are so popular.

In a bid to boost sales, think about the items you place in your dump bins – particularly at the point of sale. Customers often find products at the till point that they hadn’t yet realised they wanted or needed – so be smart in what you choose to bring to their attention. With these bespoke retail solutions, you can design your dump bins to echo the layout and branding of your store – as well as giving your customers a last chance to purchase any final items before they complete their transaction.

Our Dump bins are:

  • Lightweight so you can position the display wherever you want.
  • Durable so you can display your products on for a long period of time.
  • Easy to assemble, and to disassemble. Ultimately reducing the amount of time spent merchandising your products.
  • Flat packed for low distribution and storage costs.
  • We print our Dump Bins a number of ways depending on the clients brief. Our most popular printing method is printing in high definition using quality UV inks on sturdy EB flute board.
Product Dump Bin

How can a dump bin boost sales?

A seamless shopping experience will encourage a customer to keep coming back for more – which is why stores with memorable marketing messages and well-organised displays see sustainable success. A dump bin is an affordable solution for showing off even more of your products – and its customisable design will allow you to make every item in your dump bin more irresistible to shoppers than ever. If you’re weighing up your options and wondering whether one of these free-standing cardboard displays could be just the thing your point of sale needs, here are just some of the ways that dump bins could boost sales in your shop:

  • Increasing in-store spending: lightweight and easy to move, cardboard dump bins can be used throughout retail environments to save on valuable shelving space and direct shoppers towards the point of sale. A dump bin that’s packed with promotionally priced products will catch the eye of avid bargain hunters, and a display full of products which complement other nearby, higher-end items will prompt customers to keep on spending
  • Promoting seasonal purchases: customisable dump bins are both eye-catching and easy to assemble, helping retailers to simply and effectively rebrand products for a seasonal promotion. From Valentine’s Day themed chocolates to Christmastime confectionary, dump bins offer an affordable and dynamic display solution for retailers looking to adapt their stock to suit upcoming events and the latest trends
  • Encouraging impulse buys: by placing well-stocked dump bins on the path to the point of sale, retailers can appeal to the impulse buyer and keep customers distracted from any lengthy queues. At the point of sale, shoppers will be ready to commit to making a purchase, but you can raise the average basket value by placing low-cost items in this critical area of the store

Can I order a bespoke Dump Bin?

Yes you can, if you have something in mind that doesn’t fit our ready made Product Dump Bin solutions then we have a team of experienced CAD designers who can walk through the process of creating a bespoke unit for your brand.

The benefits of having a bespoke unit is that it is solely unique to your brand, and won’t be seen anywhere else. You also have full control of the finished look and feel of the Dump Bin – this gives you the opportunity to tweak any detail you see fit.

Other than working with a team of CAD designers, you will have a member of our client services team guide you through the whole process, from initial idea to the finished product. At Simpson Group we are here with you every step of the way.

If you require more information about our Dump Bin POS solution, or if your requirements are more bespoke – please get in contact and a member of our experienced Client Services team will be in touch shortly.

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