Floor Stickers

At Simpson Group we create a wide range of high-quality vinyl floor stickers. Our stickers are durable, easy to apply, and an effective way to communicate a safe route around your business to your clients and teams. Our experienced team can cater to all of your needs, whether that’s creating artwork for your business or if you already have your own designs and require a commercial PVC printing service, we will provide you with a first-class service from start to finish.

Retail Vinyl Floor Stickers

Using good-quality stickers is an effective way to guide shoppers around your store to highlight specific areas, or show them where exits or certain facilities are. They don’t take up any valuable display space and are non-slip so shop floor stickers are the perfect way to display messages and directions, giving shoppers a better in-store experience.

What Are Floor Decals Used For?

Custom vinyl floor stickers, also known as floor graphics or floor signage, can be used for a variety of purposes around your store or business premises. They provide an effective way of communicating directions for a clear, safe route through to exits or facilities, to segregate areas for specific use, or to highlight an offer or promotion.

Whether the intention is to let customers know which direction to walk in or to tell them where they need to stand, vinyl floor graphics are the most effective option for shopping centres, retail stores, and places of work.

Does Your Shop Floor Need Custom Vinyl Stickers?

Shop floor stickers can be used in a variety of ways. They can be designed using your branding to create a memorable shopping experience or for a specific purpose such as highlighting the direction of the nearest exit, directing shoppers to a certain area within a department store, or to draw attention to offers and promotions.

This type of sticker is a durable and cost-effective way of directing shoppers around your store. If they are applied correctly and printed on quality vinyl their scuff-resistant quality means they can last for several years.

What Are Their Benefits?

There are many benefits to using stickers on the floor as navigational or promotional features for your brand and business. High-quality vinyl floor stickers are eye-catching, unique, and a low-cost way of putting your message right in front of your customers.

Our expert team of designers at Simpson Group will work with you to create vinyl stickers that meet your exact requirements.

Some of the benefits of using this type of floor sticker include:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Waterproof
  •  Slip-resistant due to our printing technology
  •  For best results use on flat, smooth surfaces
  •  Can be used for a range of business premises including shops, offices, factories, and warehouses
  •  Perfect for determining a route, highlighting checkouts, and identifying queuing points
  • Can highlight safety regulations such as directions to a fire exit or encourage social distancing
  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes, custom printed to suit your design and brand

Floor Decals In Retail

Good quality vinyl floor stickers can be used in a variety of ways in a retail store to enhance shopper’s experience, helping to boost your business. They can provide direction and a clear customer flow through the store, inform of particular products and promotions or key information you want people to know, and influence customer behaviour in your store. 

Shop floor stickers can also help to reinforce your brand messaging. Their versatility means they can be created for things like seasonal promotions that create a longstanding customer touch point that is cost-effective, simple to use, and easy to achieve.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Helping you to promote particular products or seasonal ranges, floor stickers are a low-cost way of catching customer’s eye and directing them to certain areas of your shop where they can buy what they see. 

Simpson Group offers cost-effective printing for your floor stickers, without compromising on quality. Whether you have a small order or require floor decals on a large scale, we can help.

Convery Your Eye-Catching Message

Our experienced team can help to create your custom floor stickers from scratch to ensure you’re on brand. Or we can print your previously designed stickers. Whichever you choose, printed floor decals will help convey your brand messaging in an eye-catching and durable way that creates a lasting impression on shoppers.

Utilise Shop Space Clearly

Floor stickers will help you utilise your shop space clearly and efficiently. This is particularly important during busy times of the year such as Christmas. Avoid congestion and a poor customer experience in your retail premises by using floor stickers to identify areas and guide shoppers to them. The floor graphics can be positioned to ensure a smooth flow through your store past your POS stands to help encourage impulse buys and increase sales.


When creating your bespoke Floor Stickers with Simpson Group, you will work with our CAD designers and client services team to guide you through the whole process, from the initial idea to the finished product. If you would like to discuss your floor decal options with our expert team, then be sure to give us a call on 0191 416 1579 to get started today!



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