Retail Store Hanging Signs

An effective way of increasing the foot traffic into your store is by using hanging signs that grab your shopper’s attention and direct them to sales and special offers. Used well they can influence a customer’s shopping experience throughout your store, creating a route for them to follow. If you’re looking to drive last-minute sales for a specific product or promotional deal, then printed hanging signs are one of the best ways to do this.

Hanging Retail Signs

Hanging signage can show customers where the products they are looking for are located and can be used to highlight specific promotions and special offers. The versatility of this type of product means they can be season or product themed which helps to catch customer’s attention and create a better shopping experience for them. 

Hanging retail signs can act as an alternative to sign panels and other projecting signs you may find in a shop. As the name suggests, shop hanging signs are suspended from the ceiling with a hanging sign bracket and are designed to direct shoppers toward products. They can be single or double and help to show shoppers where they need to be to find the products they’re looking for. They can also be used to highlight targeted promotions and sales, directing customers towards them which can help to increase sales.

Do Need Additional Signage In Your Store?


You may have the best-stocked shelves around with exciting products and promotions, but if your customers don’t know where to find them, you aren’t going to have the volume of sales you are looking for. Hanging shop signs direct customers to specific areas of your shop that they may not otherwise have seen. 

Generally, shoppers will come into your store looking for specific things so they may not visit every aisle. A well-positioned hanging sign tells customers what else is available in-store which encourages them to go into aisles and potentially buy products they didn’t originally intend to purchase.

Make Extra Use Of Unused Space With A Hanging Shop Sign


Not only are hanging shop signs a great way of directing customers to certain parts of your store, but they’re also an effective use of space. You can’t display products hanging from the ceiling but the next best thing is to have hanging signs that point shoppers towards promotional and sale products that they may not have otherwise noticed. Utilise your ceiling space to direct shoppers to particular aisles and help to boost impulse purchases of those products.

What Else Can Hanging Sign Boards Do For Your Store?


  • Reusable. Hanging signs can be used for long and short-term promotional use. All of our hanging signs are printed on high-quality material, designed to be durable and long-lasting making them a cost-effective marketing tool. Seasonal designs can be used year after year, directing shoppers to specific aisles where they can find Easter or Christmas products at appropriate times of the year. Hanging shop signs are also adaptable and can be easily moved around your store, allowing you to change product displays around to wherever they sell the best.  
  • Durability. Because hanging signs are suspended from the ceiling, they are likely to be placed under hot store lights. We use durable materials that are safe and heat-resistant so your sign will keep its shape even after many hours under the spotlight. 
  • Marketing tool. We can help you to create a flexible marketing solution with your hanging signs. Our experienced teams can create branded artwork with words that are printed on either one or both sides of the sign. And if want a double-sided design, each side can have different artwork to promote separate aspects of your store.
  • Increase purchase decisions. A well-positioned and designed sign can be like a silent salesperson, telling your customers about offers and promotions and where to find them in your store.
  • Cost-effective. Hanging signs are a low-cost way of directing customers to specific areas of your shop. Whether you are a large chain or an independent brand, signs are relatively cheap to create and can be used time and time again.
retail store hanging signs


  • Hanging Signs can be used for long term and short term promotional use. All of our hanging signs are printed on high-quality material, designed to run their course for as long as you need them
  • We understand your Hanging Signs will most likely be placed under hot store lights, which is why we always ensure our signs will keep their shape
  • You can have your artwork printed on both sides of our Hanging Signs – you can even get different artwork on each side to promote different aspects of your store

We can also accommodate themed retail Hanging Sign displays! Whether you’re looking for a Halloween themed Hanging Sign or an Easter Hanging Sign – we can help!


When creating your bespoke Hanging Signs with Simpson Group, you will work with our CAD designers and client services team to guide you through the whole process, from the initial idea to the finished product. If you would like to discuss your options with our team, then be sure to give us a call on 0191 416 1579 to get started today!



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