Custom Window Stickers

All of our Window Stickers here at Simpson Group are crafted to the tailored design of our client and printed using outstanding high-quality equipment. We are always happy to assist in creating artwork for your business in order to create effective, eye-catching clear Window Decals to get your business noticed.

What Are Window Stickers?

Window Stickers, also known as Vinyl Stickers, Window Decals and Vinyl Decals, are a POS product that uses a design prepared on vinyl material for a durable transfer onto a surface or glass window. A great addition to seasonal or promotional window displays, and an important part of print marketing, window stickers are an eye-catching and rewarding addition to retail window displays.

Used to push sales, they can also be used as an impulse purchase indicator by capturing the consumer’s attention and enticing them to buy something they didn’t know they needed until they’ve seen your display.

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How Can Shop Window Stickers Increase Sales?

Window stickers are a valuable form of your Point of Sale print marketing and come with a variety of benefits that will help to increase sales. They are the first thing a customer notices before they enter your premises or high street store, therefore you want the artwork on your decal to be on-brand but eye-catching in order to generate interest and footfall.

Capture The Attention Of Your Target Consumer

Eye catching and a great way to boost the appearance of your display window, window stickers are a great way to grab the attention of passers by. Shop window stickers can help to build curiosity and encourage customers into your store, choosing yours over the competition.

Advertise Promotional Sales

Window stickers are a great way to advertise promotional sales and discounts. Window stickers can be used to advertise special events, low prices or a new product launch and so much more. Whether you wish to showcase promotional products, seasonal sales or clearances, window stickers will keep your retail window display clear, coherent and appealing.

They Can Be A Vital Part Of Your Point Of Sale Marketing Campaign

When it comes to your print marketing window stickers are convenient and effective, they could be your first impression on prospective customers so you want to ensure you get them just right.

Once you’ve nailed your vinyl stickers you can ensure the theme continues inside your store, through the use of point of sale displays and floor stickers. This constituency will help make the customers journey as smooth as possible and also keep your brand at the customers front of mind and continue to choose your store over others.

Why Should I Choose Simpson Group’s Custom Window Stickers?

We ensure that we supply you with clear window decals that are streamlined and on-brand for your business in order to gain brand recognition.


Our window stickers are highly durable so throughout the duration of time you have them displayed for they’ll remain looking fabulous on a glass surface. Prepared on vinyl material for a durable transfer onto a surface or glass window you won’t need to worry about them tearing or snagging.

Easy To Assemble and Disassemble

Hassle free and easy to change up, with Simpson Groups window stickers you’ll be able to ensure your window displays are always accurate and up to date. Window stickers don’t need to be permanent, our window stickers are easy to both assemble and disassemble, meaning you’ll be able to switch up your window stickers when changing up your seasonal and promotional window stickers.

Custom Sizes For Your Retail Window Display

We ensure that we supply you with clear window stickers that are streamlined and on-brand with exact requirements for your business in order to gain brand recognition. Most of the window stickers that we produce are designed bespoke by our clients are custom size and allow for consistent brand identity across all print marketing efforts.


When creating your bespoke Window Stickers with Simpson Group, you will work with our CAD designers and client services team to guide you through the whole process, from the initial idea to the finished product. If you would like to discuss your options with our team, then be sure to give us a call on 0191 416 1579 to get started today!



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