Simpson Group Environment and FSDU


Whilst having a brand new FSDU is great, the question is what do you do with your old one that you have decided to replace? Like everything when it is looked after properly then it will last it’s time, however free standing display units are regarded as being temporary displays meaning they are meant to last a while, but not forever. This gives retailers the opportunity to refresh in-store marketing campaigns and generate new interest with new offers and products.


What makes Simpson Group’s FSDUs the best?

  1. We supply high quality printing on multiple finishes. These are printed on our digital printers and then switched over to screen printing depending on the desired printing.
  2. We collate and pack all of our orders and ship them directly to you using our next day delivery courier. Why should you wait?
  3. We print on recyclable material, which in the long run will benefit your business.
  4. We offer variable printing known as web 2 print. This gives you option to create location specific artwork depending on the printing solution you require. You don’t have to rely on a design team to manually change your variables!


When it comes to corrugated cardboard there is a whole range to choose from. By recycling your units, it reduces the demand for virgin timber. It takes approximately three tons of timber to produce one ton of virgin timber, therefore we are advocates of recycling at Simpson Group. We are currently ISO9001 recognised and have also achieved ISO14001 certification. We have also attained a number of industry certifications, including: ISO Environmental & Quality Standards.


As we are committed to the environment reducing the amount of wastage that we produce we were on of the very first printing companies in the UK to move to solvent free UV ink. As well as all members of staff undertake waste management and recycling training.


We work with a range of different types of flute profiles, however the most common one that we use is EB Flute. EB flute is usually 3800-4100 microns (3.8mm – 4.1mm) in thickness. EB flute consists of a thin wall consisting of a fine thin E flute, and then supporting this is the commonly used B flute, which is thicker in depth. This gives our unit an exceptionally sturdy finish that looks great when printed on.


If you would like to discuss which material would best suit your POS requirements please give us a call on 0191 416 1579.


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