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What Is POS? Point Of Sale is a method used to elevate sales that usually highlight a promotional offer or sale. It can be applied to almost any sector however you will most commonly find it within the retail industry. They are usually placed anywhere within...

If you like to stay tuned with the latest news in your local area, then you may have seen us here at Simpson Group pop up on The Chronicle just last week! We have been celebrating our success having seen our profits double and securing a...

Father's Day is sharp around the corner on Sunday 16 June this year, and it may be common ground to feel that Father’s Day is not as popular or invested in as much as days such as Mother’s Day, Easter or of course Christmas. A...

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest events of the year when it comes to gift giving in the UK. It is the second largest card giving event in the UK, after Christmas. It is important to make sure your in-store marketing campaigns are of...

When considering implementing a new point of sale marketing strategy for 2019, it is important to consider 2019’s top design trends in order to engage your audience, thus increasing the amount of unique interactions with your brand. A point of sale campaign that runs throughout...

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