Using forecourt Point of Sale

Using forecourt Point of Sale

Selling cars isn’t the easiest of jobs, as a sales associate you have to have the correct amount of charisma and expertise knowledge to understand and connect with your consumers. But in a world where consumers often showroom and web room, it is becoming a highly competitive marketplace to make sure sales are agreed there and then in the car dealership. But how do you do it? Using automotive point of sale is an effective way of securing a sale from an interested consumer. Use our 5 top tips of how to sell to consumers with the use of forecourt point of sale at your side.

Be prepared for the ‘I’m just looking response’.

This response is one of the most well-known responses when consumers are looking around the forecourt of your dealership. A natural response to car salesmen is to resist contact with your sales associates. React and be direct. Sales associates who lurk around consumers are not received well by buyers, especially first-time buyers. Make use of your expertise knowledge about your cars and apply it to free standing signs that gives enough information that your consumers want to ask you for more details. Pavement signs and windscreen displays are a great way to do this. Clearly highlight an offer on the point of sale, however make sure to have the sign direct the customer to a sales associate to ask for more details.

Be enthusiastic

Provide an experience where the customer feels like they are in control, make sure that you provide expertise knowledge of the cars you stock and never come across as being too pushy. Show a genuine desire to provide assistance to your consumers. Direct your consumers to automotive point of sale units and then explain if they require any further details to come and find the closest store assistant. This way makes your customers feel at ease and able to talk to you without the feeling that you’ll try and sell them the priciest of models.

Ask the right thing

Often customers who are just looking, don’t want to be hassled by having ten thousand questions being thrown at them. Start off warm, friendly and enthusiastic. After you receive the ‘I’m just looking response’, ask a few open-ended questions to see if you can learn what your customer wants from a car. Having the right knowledge of what they are looking for lets you understand what type of car the customer is after. View our recommendations of the best cars for younger families. These cars are safe, economic and value driven.

Focus on relationship building

Use automotive point of sale like tent cards and show cards to outline benefits of joining an exclusive club at your garage. Nurture and upsell with customers who trust your expertise help. Build a relationship with repeat purchasers to ensure they come back to your dealership time and time again. Using offers such as loyalty cards or a points scheme will promote your business further.

Identify the problem and supply a solution

Every customer expects to be met with a solution when they tell a sales person their pains when choosing a new car. Make sure to make a mental note of every pain point they tell you, this will help you identify a car that will suit their desired needs. For example, if a woman comes up to you and asks for a car that will suit her teenager at university, there would be no point in recommending a car like a MercedesGLE. One, it will probably be too large, too expensive to insure for a teenager and lastly the wrong target market for a car like that a Mercedes. Instead recommend cars without any tax, are cheap to run but are still nippy enough to get around campus. For a bit of fun, take our what car should I buy! Forecourt point of sale
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