What is a point of sale display

What is a point of sale display

With so much competition among brick-and-mortar stores, it can be difficult for retailers to ensure that their shop stands out on the high street. From employing the most impactful merchandising techniques to beating competitors in price battles, encouraging consumers to make a purchase in your store often comes down to the in-store experience – and that means making effective use of the available marketing materials. The majority of purchasing decisions may be made as a consumer browses your store, but mastering the art of securing additional sales at the point of purchase will help you to become a more profitable business in the long term. Utilising each aspect of the store layout is crucial in the retail sector, and this rests heavily on the use of strategic and high-quality point of sale displays. Today, we’re taking a closer look at these powerful promotional materials, so that you can be certain your store is optimised at every stage of the all-important customer journey.

What is the point of sale, and what does it mean for retailers?

When it comes to point of purchase vs point of sale, the truth is the two are one and the same. The point of sale promotion (or point of purchase) is where a retail transaction is completed – and in a brick-and-mortar store, this simply refers to the till point. After shoppers have entered the store and browsed your range of products, customers will be looking to make their payment before heading towards the exit – meaning the point of sale is your final opportunity to make an impact and encourage shoppers to spend more during their visit. From building brand awareness to highlighting high-margin products and persuading shoppers to pick up a last-minute bargain, the point of sale gives retailers the chance to convey key marketing messages and ensure that these leave an impact that lasts long after customers have made their way out of your store. Creating a positive, lasting impression at the point of sale means consumers will be more likely to return to the shop, increasing the likelihood of them making further purchases in the future.

What are point of sale (or point of purchase) displays?

Point of sale displays are a form of printed promotional material installed by retailers at or around the point of sale. A space that’s often wasted by retailers, savvy store owners will use eye-catching POS displays here to take full advantage of the premium advertising space surrounding the store’s point of purchase section. As shoppers head to the point of sale in order to make a purchase, the till point provides retailers with the chance to upsell products and increase in-store spending in the final moments before a transaction takes place. So, whether you opt for free-standing display units to encourage impulse purchases or invest in eye-catching hanging signs suspended above the till point, a professionally designed and strategically located point of purchase display can make all the difference to your customers’ average spend-per-visit. One of the primary reasons that shoppers abandon their trolley or basket on their route to the point of sale is when checkout queues just take too long – but engaging POS displays on the along the path to the checkout can dissuade customers from leaving the store before they’ve completed a transaction. From showing off a new range of products to advertising one-off promotions, keeping your customer occupied on the path to the point of sale means you’re more likely to hold their attention, and able to prompt them to add impulse buys and display packs to their basket. Rotating the range of products used in your point of sale displays is vital when it comes to ensuring that customers keep on spending, but that doesn’t mean the types of products you promote here should have to change. The ability to appeal to impulsive shoppers at the point of purchase offers a unique opportunity to sell smaller impulse items that you wouldn’t necessarily advertise elsewhere in the store – so consider displaying a variety of different products in this section, such as:
  • Seasonal products: Whether Christmas is just around the corner or the summer season is fast approaching, there’s always an opportunity to incorporate upcoming events into your POP display. From Christmas tree decorations to sun cream, harnessing a seasonal theme will allow you to offer relevant, desirable products all year round
  • Confectionary: Shopping can often leave consumers hungry, meaning many are unable to resist purchasing a sweet treat to enjoy on the go. A convenient pick-me-up will give shoppers the revival that they need, and the money you’ll make from these low-cost items is sure to translate into some welcome profits over time
  • Hard-to-shift items: In the world of retail, there’s nothing worse than having shelves lined with dead stock, which is why so many retailers look for new ways to increase the appeal of items that are harder to shift. Offering a discount on less popular products and placing them along the route to the till point will make your promotional prices stand out – and bargain hunters will be more than willing to take them off your hands!

How are point of sale displays made?

Depending on the type of POS display you’re looking to invest in for your store, the design and manufacturing process will vary. The extensive range of point of purchase display materials available means you’ll find an affordable solution whatever your budget – and with each customised design printed using high-quality inks at Simpson Group, you can rest assured that your POP display will made to the highest standard. Take a look at some of the most popular point of sale display solutions available for retailers to find your perfect match:
  • FSDUs and dump bins: These free-standing displays offer one of the most convenient ways to highlight key products around the point of sale – able to hold substantial quantities of the products you’re eager to shift. Made from sturdy EB flute board and printed in high definition with high-quality UV inks, these space-saving product promotion solutions are both lightweight and portable – meaning you can easily position your high-margin products and special offers on the path to the point of purchase.
  • Hanging signs: Enhancing the point of sale with an attention-grabbing hanging sign leaves shoppers with no option but to notice your store’s latest and greatest deals. Made from 1000Mic display board and suspended from the ceiling with extendable spring and ceiling hooks, this affordable and versatile solution allows you to take full advantage of unused overhead space
  • Counter top units: Whether you’re advertising smaller impulse purchases by the till or using a counter top unit to keep your business’s literature neat and tidy, these branded POP displays offer a simple, economical solution to promoting your business and any relevant in-store offers. Printed on either B or E flute board, these easy-to-assemble counter top dispensers ensure quality at an affordable price
  • Posters: Printed in high definition on a material of your choice, our high-quality custom posters help you to make an impact at the point of sale. From advertising special offers and in-store events to reiterating your brand values, engaging posters will keep your customers occupied as they queue at the point of sale
  • Show cards: Position your marketing messages directly in the customer’s eyeline with counter top show cards. With a customised design printed onto the robust 2000Mic display board, free-standing show cards are available in sizes from A5 to A2 – offering a flexible solution to advertising exclusive offers and promoting key product ranges

Why use point of sale displays in retail environments?

Flyer Dispenser A5 From keeping your consumers occupied in the queue with an eye-catching display to shifting last season’s dead stock, there are so many ways that retailers can benefit from introducing POS displays to their store:
  • A cost-effective solution: Rather than investing in higher-cost permanent display solutions, the competitive prices that come with a cardboard POS display allow retailers to invest in multiple custom-made display materials without going over budget
  • A design that’s unique: From adorning displays with your logo to choosing a themed design that shows off all the most attractive features of the product itself, a customisable point of purchase display gives you the power to add something unique and eye-catching to your store
  • A way to jump on seasonal trends: As the seasons change, so too should your stock – and a point of sale display gives you the platform to jump on any upcoming events or timely themes. While hijacking seasonal trends may not be appropriate around the rest of the store, the point of sale offers an ideal space to sell those smaller items that are relevant to current customer needs
  • An increase in spend-per-visit: Appealing to the impulse buyer is one of the easiest ways to increase your customer’s average spend-per-visit, and placing low-cost items and promotionally priced products by the till point will make it hard for shoppers to resist adding extra items to their baskets
From displaying key marketing and brand messages to boosting spend-per-visit, customisable point of purchase displays provide a cost-effective solution to taking full advantage of the space surrounding the point of sale. Hexagonal Dumpbin So, what are you waiting for? Create your your POS display with Simpson Group. Start creating your dream in-store marketing campaign by contacting us today.   
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