How POS can cause an uplift in sales

How POS can cause an uplift in sales


Ensuring a consistent brand experience throughout the customer journey both online and offline is the key to successfully creating brand influence and driving sales growth in-store. But how often does this fall down through badly displayed or make shift POS advertising? We’ve all seen the handwritten, D.I.Y. advertising messages in windows, displayed for the best reasons, but seriously damaging to your overall brand experience. So how can you engage your front line colleagues to ensure adherence to brand guidelines and, at the same time make it easier for them to become the living embodiment of your brand values?

The answer I believe is through balancing the development of your brand equity with each store manager’s individual entrepreneurship. Easier said than done some may say. However, it’s worth persisting, for once you get involvement and understanding from your front line managers they are far more likely to buy into the benefits of getting their store kitted out properly, especially once they see the results. After all who is better positioned to know your customers?

Here are my top tips to engage your key customer facing colleagues, and help them drive sales growth in each and every store in your estate.

  1. Gather and capture the right store data for each of your stores, both physical and demographic.
  2. Harness this data effectively to improve the accuracy and relevance of the POS each store receives.
  3. Empower your store managers by allowing them to create and run local or store specific POS campaigns. Automated Online Marketing allows your regional and store managers to create their own personalised marketing campaigns within brand guidelines. Within a 3-day period they can create, order and take delivery of a store specific POS campaign that is relevant to their customers and will help drive sales.
  4. Make it simple and quick for your Store Managers to get branded POS stock items and fixing materials.
  5. Provide clear instructions and / or video demonstrations to construct and install 3D bespoke displays.
  6. Simplify designs or part construct displays prior to delivery. Whatever you do make it much quicker and easier than erecting flat packed furniture. Remember - POS never displayed never pays its way.
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