Retail Display Trends 2020

Retail Display Trends 2020

In a world that is becoming so digital, it is important to keep on top of current trends and to forecast future trends, in order to stay ahead of the curve and of course, ahead of your online competition. The major benefit that in-store retail has on e-commerce is the experience that brands can offer. Through sight, touch and smell, you can give your customers an experience to promote a new product or special offer. Check out our round-up of some of our favourite retail display trends for 2020 that we expect to see a lot of in stores!

Retail Display Trends 2020

Tap Into Seasons

Of course, it is always important to tap into your seasons when it comes to promoting products and special offers. Seasons have the power to sell, for example - if you take the food industry - nothing sells a sweet mince pie quite like the festive Christmas holidays season, does it? Likewise, nothing sells a special offer on sun lotion creams like the school summer holidays! Timely displays catch the eye of your customer, and are often for a limited time only, encouraging subconscious impulse purchases! Keep an eye on your retail calendar to stay ahead of the curve! TOP TIP: Taking full advantage of your window display is perfect for seasonal promotions! Be as extravagant as possible with your decoration, accessories, mannequins - whatever it may be to draw attention to what you are aiming to sell. Here at Simpson Group we can work with you to create unique, eye-catching window graphic displays that are designed to be durable, lightweight and are easy to assemble and disassemble for long-term use.

Sell With Senses

We’re all more likely to buy into a product if we can touch and smell it (if necessary), for example, you probably wouldn’t buy a perfume that you have never smelled before, right? Therefore we predict that next year, we will see more retail displays utilising the senses feature, for customers to get a real feel for what they are buying and so that the product feels somewhat more accessible to them. TOP TIP: A great method for displaying your products to encourage the sensory marketing strategy could be with the use of POS Counter Display Units. By using a CDU display you have the power to control how your product is presented, push sales by situating your display at the point of purchase and increase your products visibility amongst the noise of competitors products. Here at Simpson Group our CDU displays are lightweight, durable, flat-packed ensuring they are easy to assemble and disassemble and printed in high-definition using quality UV inks on sturdy EB flute board.

Portable Displays

Sometimes trends can change swiftly and quickly, and one day they can be hot-right-now then the next, the buzz can slowly die down. If you keep your retail display portable, then you will find that you can move your station around your store as and when the trend and hype picks up! TOP TIP: Hanging Signs are a fantastic Point Of Sale method for portable displays as they can navigate your customers from afar to where abouts in the store they need to head for the promotion, and draw attention from the outside! Our Hanging Signs at Simpson Group are designed with function in mind, as we are aware that they will most likely be placed under hot store lights, we ensure they will keep their shape and quality being printed on high-quality materials.

Less Is More

When you walk into a store, and you see your first point of contact being a sale display that is majorly overcrowded, how does it make you feel? Like turning round and walking back out? Yeah us too… Therefore we suggest that you stick to the mantra of ‘less is more’ for your retail displays in 2020. Let your product or promotional offer do the talking, as opposed to too much fuss going on with the decoration, and stick to your simple branding colour palette; ensuring that your display fits in with your store and everything stays uninformed.

Let’s Work Together…

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