Killer Ways To Increase Footfall This Halloween

Killer Ways To Increase Footfall This Halloween

If you own a business in the retail or hospitality industry, or if you work for an organisation in the sector, then you will be aware of how important it is to leverage popular events and celebratory holidays throughout the year in your benefit to make a pretty penny. While we are all aware that Christmas is the number one most popular and profitable occasion, there is another holiday that comes creeping behind in second place.  That’s right, you guessed it… HALLOWEEN! But don’t be spooked - Halloween is not just a holiday for children to get excited about; or American retail, as it was reported a few years ago that the seasonal event was worth over a staggering £330 million in the UK! So while there is definitely still a market looking out for all things Halloween inspired on our British high street, there is always time to experiment and have fun with your Point Of Sale displays and seasonal marketing in order to increase your in-store footfall and make a profitable income…   

Killer Ways To Increase Footfall This Halloween

Now we know what you might be thinking - Halloween is literally in three weeks time! How on earth are you going to come up with a successful marketing strategy in time, that is guaranteed to get the exact clientele in your store that you are looking for, and that will ensure that they will actually spend money? Well, we have the answer.  Strip back your complex ideas, and start afresh from the drawing board. Here at Simpson Group, we always recommend businesses to look at their audience, study their shopping patterns in your store, follow their journey around your shop floor, in order to learn your customer inside and out, and figure out what makes them go from favouring a product, to following through with a purchase.   While you analyse your customers shopping habits, and demands of your store, leave your Point Of Sale products to us! Here are a few of our quick and simple ideas that your business can utilise in the lead up to the spooktacular event, to generate more interest in your brand and drive increased revenue.   

Create A Concept Theme

It’s no good having too much of a broad, general display just to say that you have taken part in the Halloween festivities! Having a bit of everything in your display, for example a skeleton, a witch on her broomstick, a vampire and so on does not necessarily create a narrative or a thought-through theme - instead it just looks like you have panicked and thrown something together to fit in. (And if you have panicked - then fear not! This is why we bring you this blog!)  Simply think in the order of: - What am I trying to sell?  - What colours would look great for this product or offer to draw attention and compliment the sale?  - What particular Halloween character, idealism or object would be best matched?  And stick with that! Having a specific, tailored approach to your Halloween display will draw your customer in, making them intrigued as to how you have intertwined your sale with the season, and have more impact. For example - if you are a hardware store, why not go with a display of the best cleaning mops/brushes and utilise witch characters, or if you are a fashion retailer - turn your mannequins into skeletons for the month? All it takes is a pinch of creativity and you’re off!   

Trick Or Treat?

Everyone loves a freebie - and if a store is offering free samples as you walk by, then of course you are inclined to stop by and take one, right? Why not pop a bucket in your doorway, filled with vouchers that reveal either a trick or treat, to reward your customer with a fun freebie that gets in-store!   

Get Into Character

Dressing up is one of the best parts of Halloween right? And linking back to our previous point of deciding on an overall themed concept, why not dress your staff up in costumes that tie into your display? This way you will create a well rounded, thought through concept that looks believable to your customer and creates an EXPERIENCE. Which more people are likely to buy into if they enjoy the experience and service they endure in-store. It can be as minimal as cat ears, or as extra as a head to toe costume! It’s all about having a happy customer, right?  

Collaborate With Another Business

This can be a great method of creating more interest in your brand, and generating an increased footfall. If you are situated on the high street, then take a moment to go outside and look around to what other businesses are near you. What brands reflect your values, what products could compliment your own, and what store has a similar clientele to you? If you are a fashion retailer, a great idea could be coupling up with a sweet shop, to offer branded sweet bags for the Trick or Treat offering.   

Go Social

Keeping your brand in the forefront of your customers mind is vital, especially when you are aiming to hit KPI’s throughout a seasonal holiday. Social media is a fantastic free way of doing so, where you could post Stories and Posts to keep your customers updated with what is happening in your store, run a competition, or send last minute offers and promotions through email!     

Run A Competition

Everyone loves to enter a competition for free, with the chance of winning something in return! So why not run an open competition on your social media, it could be along the lines of ‘send us a photo of your best Halloween costume!’, and create a hashtag for everyone to use - so that you are creating interest and a buzz around your brand, and simply offer something in return. Whether it be a free product, a special offer, a VIP shopping experience and so on.    

How Can Simpson Group Help?

Here at Simpson Group, we have plenty of Point Of Sale products that we can assist you with designing and manufacturing, to achieve exciting Halloween displays, at the last minute.  Shop Window Stickers: Whatever sticker you require to tie in perfectly to your in-store strategy, we can guarantee a happy, easy service with our experienced team and high quality, durable Shop Window Stickers. Shop Window Stickers are in place to capture the attention of your target customer and draw them in-store to buy into your product or promotion. They are a first port of call of contact or interest for your customer, so getting them right is essential!  Hanging Signs: Hanging Signs are a great way to highlighting a focus point of your store. As they are placed at a height, they are hard to ignore, as they naturally capture your attention, and they aid to navigate your customer to the area in which your hot product or promotion lives. All of our Hanging Signs here at Simpson Group are made to be durable, as we understand nine times out of ten they will be displayed under hot lights. They are built to last, avoiding unnecessary waste in reordering the same marketing product, and can be designed to your exact idea.  Shelf Wobblers: Shelf Wobblers are FANG-tastic for making a product in a crowded aisle, stand out to your customer. We encourage you to customise your Shelf Wobblers, in terms of colour, design and text to tie into your promotion, and have the most impact possible.  Product Dump Bins: Product Dump Bins work especially well during a seasonal holiday, whether it be for little products, or impulse accessory purchases. They are designed to trick the mind into thinking they need what is on offer, and usually at a discounted price point. Our PDB’s are all lightweight, meaning they can be positioned whenever, wherever, they are durable and built to withstand many promotional periods, in addition to arriving flat packed! Perfect for popping up and down when their use is needed!   

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