How To Engage Your Consumer Using Shelf Strips

How To Engage Your Consumer Using Shelf Strips

How Can I Draw Attention To My Business’ Specific Offers Or New Products?

There are many different ways that you can attract attention to specific offers and promotional discounts and in addition brand new products using Point Of Sale products from us here at Simpson Group. Today we are going to tell you all about Shelf Strips and how you can use them to drive sales in store.

What are Shelf Strips?

Shelf Strips are a Point Of Sale product used to catch the overall attention of your consumer on their journey around your store and used to drive sales. They are most commonly seen to be promoting a brand new product, a special offer or a seasonal sale to make the product or range stand out. If you own a business within the retail sector, where you are bringing in products that may turn over quickly or you may alter the price point regularly, then chances are you will find shelf strips to be beneficial in order to gain more attention from the consumer in order to increase profits overall.

How Can I Enhance Shelf Strips For My Business?

There are a number of things you can do with Shelf Strips in order to make them stand out, look more attractive and therefore have the most potential to drive sales. One being the colour that you use - there are ten main colours that have been reported by business 2 community that increase sales and number one on that is the colour red. It is said to be the colour of power as it attracts people’s attention and holds on to it which is why if you think about it, you probably notice it on a lot of marketing tools and resources! Another primary colour that is great to use on your Shelf Strips is blue. If you want your marketing strategy to be viewed as ‘trustworthy’ then blue is said to drive great, honest results. And another main colour that is great to implement within your design is the colour yellow. Yellow is the colour that we are always told if you want something to attract attention and be remembered, then to use. Secondly, another way that you can enhance your Shelf Strips is the design and artwork that you use. It is always great to try and stay on brand with your marketing strategy as a whole, in order to be recognisable and have everything flow nicely. You can play around with fonts and patterns to make your POS product stand out. Lastly, we always recommend having excellent quality Shelf Strips that are durable to last regular use! You want to order your Shelf Strips once and be able to get a good lifespan out of them, to re-use time and time again. We always like to encourage our clients to experiment with a bespoke design to ensure they are 100% happy with the overall branding and to demonstrate to us exactly what they want from their POS product. Then simply leave the rest to us as our CAD and New Product Development team have a wealth of experience of creating some of the most innovative displays in the retail industry.

Have You Tried Shelf Wobblers Too?

Shelf Wobblers are in fact very similar to Shelf Strips in the case that they are used to attract the attention of your consumer to a specific promotion or brand new product. You will find that they are a great tool to implement for impulse purchases too! They are highly practical, durable and can deliver sustainable results from the get-go.

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