POS Products Perfect For Summer Retail

POS Products Perfect For Summer Retail

What Is POS?

Point Of Sale is a method used to elevate sales that usually highlight a promotional offer or sale. It can be applied to almost any sector however you will most commonly find it within the retail industry. They are usually placed anywhere within a store that a customer makes a buying decision.

What POS Products Can We Supply For Your Business?

We can create a variety of different style Point Of Sale products that are designed to be eye-catching and work their purpose of generating footfall and an increase in profits. We can supply your business with the following:

Window Displays

Window Displays can work as the first port of call for your shop or business. They are the first thing that a potential customer will see before they enter your store, therefore they should be eye catching and of extremely high quality. A window display can consist of anything from window stickers, to free standing display units, display cubes and many more, for your personal preference and purpose. Here at Simpson Group our window displays are all lightweight so that they can be easily manoeuvred around the display, they are durable meaning that they withstand the period that you are wanting to display it for, in addition to being easy to assemble and disassemble. They are flat packed and fit for purpose and tailored to suit your needs. In most cases, our window displays are created bespoke on-brand for our clients purpose.

Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs are used to capture the customer's attention once they have walked into your store. They can be used to steer the direction of shoppers to a certain promotion that you are aiming to push at that specific moment in time. All of our hanging signs are printed on high-quality material, designed with longevity in mind for both long term and short promotional use.

Dump Bins

A Dump Bin is used to display and hold products that are on a current promotional offer. They are a lightweight POS product commonly found within the retail sector and are perfect for summertime sales to place products such as sun lotions and mini toiletries that you would pick up as last-minute purchases for your holidays. You will find that customers often get to the pay point in store and see products that they forget they needed or didn’t know they wanted, therefore think strategically about you place in your dump bins to bring it to the consumers attention and encourage impulse buys.

Shelf Wobblers

Shelf Wobblers are a product that is attached to shelving units in a retail store to advertise a promotion or new product. The pop-out design works as an effective tool to stand out against the product and potentially a crowded aisle to catch your eye. You will find that your shelf wobblers are even more successful if they are designed on-brand to fit in with the other promotional displays that you may have so that everything is streamlined for brand recognition. Our shelf wobblers here at Simpson Group are easy to customise and they are printed on durable PVC materials, which makes them perfect for long term use.

How Can POS Products Increase Profits?

All of the Point Of Sale products mentioned above are ideal for using during the summer period in the retail industry. They all work slightly different but all have the same objective and aim in mind. You can utilise them in a way that creates a journey for the consumer to follow around the store, assisting with their purchase, starting with noticing your engaging window display to generate the footfall into the store, then following the hanging signs to a particular area of promotion, and noticing the eye catching shelf wobblers to bring attention to a particular brand new product, then as they go to the pay point to purchase, the dump bins that they pass can stimulate impulse purchases that they may not ordinarily buy or had not thought of until they seen.

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Every business can benefit from effective Point Of Sale products for that little bit extra help in pushing profits and generating in-store footfall. If you are looking for extremely high-quality POS products that are designed to be successful and tailored to your particular brand, then Simpson Group is who you need! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by giving us a call on 0191 416 1579 or email us at sales@simpsongroup.co.uk to discuss your project and a member of our expert team will be more than happy to assist and create exciting, engaging POS displays that deliver excellent results!
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