Travel Company’s ‘POPFIT’


Travel Company

The Challenge

Create more effective window and in-store POS campaigns whilst reducing waste and cost.

The Solution

Live database ‘POPFIT’ allocates tailored POS to utilise maximum space in stores.

The Results

  • £13,088 in-store POS savings per annum
  • £33,346.80 window POS savings per annum
  • Total savings over a one year period of £46,435

The Challenge:

It was essential to the retail marketing team that they were able to centrally control their POS. In real-time they needed the ability to plan, create and edit their in store and window promotions. It would be necessary for any system to provide instant access to complete store profiles and recognise the space available to optimise it the most efficient way. The company wanted to ensure all shops received POS that perfectly fit the space available rather than a range of items that were not tailored to shops requirements, which would result in a lot of POS going to waste.

The Solution:

POPFIT merges store information and characteristics with in-store promotions. With POPFIT able to accurately distribute POS materials to each store based on live data. This allows marketing teams to focus on creating award winning in-store campaigns and not POS allocations. Data unique to each shop is held within the POPFIT database, including details on the shop location, in-store characteristics and window dimensions. The store data can be updated in real time by the retail marketing team ensuring each promotion takes into account any updates.

Through the introduction of POPFIT we’ve supported the travel company in the creation and refinement of shop grades. Increasing the number of shop grades three fold. Subsequently this increase in granularity afforded to each store allowed for a more bespoke output. Shops now receive more tailored POS and POPFIT actually enabled identification of space which had been previously under-utilised. Now each shop can receive a full range of enticing POS. This now enables the team to roll out campaigns at their convenience in a more efficient way.

Impressive Results:

  • POS % saving 2012 Vs 2015 Total average saving per annum (Pre Popfit Vs Post Popfit)
  • In-store POS Promotions 24% £13,088
  • Window POS Promotions 29% £33,346.80
  • Total Saving 28% £46,435
  • Total POS savings over one year period based on the findings of savings annually per store and working on more than 600 stores.

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