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Soft Drink Manufacturer and Distribution

The Challenge

To create a POS focal point at the entrance to large national supermarkets.

The Solution

A stand-out festive display with a motion sensor music box.

The Results

  • Distinct sales uplift
  • Promoted to prime location instore for 6 full weeks
  • Increased demand from end user resulting in client doubling original order
  • Increased brand awareness and customer interaction

The Challenge:

The Visibility Department of this soft drink manufacturer was looking for a merchandise display for the entrance to Asda and Tesco Supermarkets. The idea was to communicate the message that one of their biggest brands ‘’brings life to Christmas’’. They needed their display to be unique and striking, to catch their customer’s attention immediately. After discussions we learned that they had secured the rights to use imagery from The Snowman. We saw this as an ideal opportunity for a theme, to tie in with the release of the sequel of the film, the airing of the film over the festive period and also the promotion on the DVD release. 

The Solution:

The result was 8ft snowman cutout standee, with a large scale snowstorm in the centre that had fake snow circulated by a fan to replicate a snow-globe. To finish the festive effect and to make the promotion have the biggest possible impact, a sound box with a motion activated sensor was added to the display to catch shopper’s attention that walked within a certain proximity. 

Impressive Results

  • Distinct uplift in sales
  • Increased brand awareness and customer interaction
  • Unit given prime location instore, displayed in the ‘Power Aisle’ for 6 weeks

Client Feedback:

“This piece of kit and presence was certainly a winner with all ages, and I am sure it will be used again next year to do the same.”

Instore Visibility Department

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