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The Challenge

To provide an iconic unit that could hold a high volume of product

The Solution

The Stillhouse

The Results

  • Overall brand growth of 40%
  • Total Sales uplift of 230%
  • Silver Prize winner at POPAI Awards 2014
  • Delighted client and their customers

The Challenge: 

This brand is a dynamic and innovative spirit company, passionate about creating quality mixed drinks and cocktails. They needed to look for a display unit for the launch of one of their brand campaigns. Due to increased pressure and competition for floorspace in store, they are severely restricted with the footprint of their units. The 2 major challenges with this unit were to make it carry the largest amount of product possible, but it had to be something iconic, distinctive and portray the on-brand aesthetic.

The Solution:

After research on the brand history and origins of the product we discovered the brand’s Stillhouse in Kentucky. Due to its imposing appearance and angular shape we thought it was the ideal concept for a FSDU style point of purchase product. The unit produced was capable of holding 240 x 75cl bottles (at a combined weight of 264kg) within a 1 metre square footprint.

Impressive Results:

  • The Unit we produced has contributed toward the brand seeing a 40% growth¬†
  • In Tesco alone the total sales uplift was +230%
  • It also went on to win the Silver Prize at the POPAI Awards 2014

Client Feedback:

“The support we have had from Simpson has allowed us to take a brand concept and turn this into a real stand out feature in store which has received some great feedback from our customers.”

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