Mother’s Day POS for retailers

Mother’s Day POS for retailers

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest events of the year when it comes to gift giving in the UK. It is the second largest card giving event in the UK, after Christmas. It is important to make sure your in-store marketing campaigns are of high quality, so you can beat your competition. British Retail Consortium has stated that around £55 million is spent on chocolates for Mother’s Day, with around 4 million people buying a box for the big day. At Simpson Group, we suggest that one of the best things to do is to offer convenience within your store. The best way to do this is to display Mother’s Day cards, gifts and even flowers at the checkout, or at the end of aisles, so your customers can conveniently grab items they require. These gifts can all be displayed in various ways, some of our favourite point of sale ideas are…

Dump Bins

A dump bin is a free-standing display unit that is typically used in a retail environment to hold and display large quantities of products. They are ideally used to house items that are moving quickly, such as promotions and seasonal items - such as Mother’s Day gifts. One of the best things about dump bins is that they are lightweight, durable and easy to assemble, meaning they can withstand holding items for a long time, but can also be transported throughout your store if need be.

How can a Dump Bin boost sales?

Dump bins are great for upcoming events, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter, as they offer a quick and affordable solution to displaying your most popular event items. Coming up to Mother’s Day you will see dump bins being used to hold chocolates that people can pick up as an impulse buy. If you place dump bins correctly, it can boost the sales of your higher priced items. Dump bins for Mother’s Day would be greatly effective if used in the Wine aisle and even alongside pyjamas and slippers. It’s always nice to pair up your gifts, so a bottle of wine alongside some chocolates will send a lot quicker.

Counter Display Unit (CDU)

Counter display units are a way of displaying your products and are usually positioned at your point of sale (POS) or your point of purchase (POP) areas. This is usually countertops, as a way of utilising usually empty space.

Getting the most out of your CDU

Counter display units are very lightweight, meaning they can easily be transported to various areas in your store. The best thing is that, here at Simpson Group, we will work to ensure the products you would like in your CDU are acceptable and ensure the CDU is easy to transport once filled with your products. Display your products in their best light… literally! Make sure your store lights are point onto your products or even use natural light to let your CDU stand out to your customers. It is important that you have a CDU that is fit for purpose and truly captures your customer's attention. A carefully designed counter display unit, that stands out to your customers, will highly benefit your sales as small checkout items are usually compulsive, meaning if your CDU is of good quality your products will sell quickly.

Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU)

Free Standing Display units are retail display stands that are used to display your key products. FSDU are popular in retail environments as they are practical, standalone displays that you can use to advertise your brand and product with. Perfect for maximising your customer spend, while being affordable for you. Free standing display units are good for featuring more than one item as, unlike dump bins, they are made with cardboard to look like shelves, so you can advertise different products but of the same product family. So, for Mother’s Day, you can display mugs, chocolates and jewellery all in one display - perfect for the last minute and forgetful shopper!

How to get the most out of your FSDU…

Free standing display units are a great way of showcasing your product to the highest standards. With FSDU you always have control over how your products are displayed to your customers and if they are perfectly displayed customers are more likely to pick something up. The great thing about FSDU is that they can be seen throughout your store so are great for people running in and grabbing something from in a hurry.

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