Design trends in 2019

Design trends in 2019

When considering implementing a new point of sale marketing strategy for 2019, it is important to consider 2019’s top design trends in order to engage your audience, thus increasing the amount of unique interactions with your brand. A point of sale campaign that runs throughout the year is usually printed 2-3 times to update marketing messages and to keep designs looking fresh and up to date with brand guidelines. As like everything, new design trends come and go, where something is popular one year might not be the next. We have put together popular design trends for 2019, taking into consideration frequency used from design agencies and the most common type of design in prestigious design competitions. Use one tip or a handful to help your point of sale marketing campaigns stand out in 2019!

Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral

For 20 years, the pantone colour of the year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in a multitude of industries including automotive, home furnishings and point of sale design. Though CMYK is often used when printing 3D point of sale campaigns, we always have a Pantone colour chart to hand. This year’s colour of the year isn’t just a pretty shade of pink, it embraces warmth and brings together energizing aspects of colour found in nature. Pantone describes Living Coral as: “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”  Inject a fresh and vibrant take on the colour of the year by introducing the shade into POS and marketing campaigns. Used with more muted colour schemes will cause bold texts and typography to stand out from the rest of the design increasing the amount of impressions that your campaign has on customers passing by.

Go bold or go home

The 2018 trend of using bold and vibrant colours is set to grow even bigger in 2019. Brands are anticipated to use more out there colours with designers using supersaturated tones in their work. When designing for print it is important to bear in mind that colours are designed in CMYK. You can read our blog post on CMYK vs RGB and why using CMYK in printed promotional material is more suited. As outlined above using vibrant and exciting colours such as the pantone colour of the year will really make your work stand out and come to life.

Metallic elements

Using metallic and high shine elements in design will allow your 3D designs to stand out and catch your consumers attention. Gold never goes out of style but in 2019 we are faced with a lot of other metal elements and colours that can be used to wow and dazzle your customers. Using Mirri board in your point of sale campaigns, especially in window displays will make your campaign stand out and attract your customer’s attention. Using metallic elements can take your point of sale’s composition to the next level, making it look expensive and exclusive. Using tactics like this will highlight your products further when placed on the likes of FSDUs and in window displays.

Gradients and duotones are here to stay!

Gradients can offer designers the possibility of creating depth in both digital and printed formats, making it easier for marketers to create a multi-channel approach with their campaigns. Gradients offer point of sale designers the possibility to create something that feels fresh and new by blending colours, resulting in something that is unique and appealing to the audience. Colour transitions have been a well-recognised trend for a good few years, which recently has begun to creep back into advertising designs. Popular colour combinations in the past has included blue and purple, red and orange and green and yellow. This is a great opportunity to get creative with your brand's colours and see what works the best, take inspiration from product colour palettes and synergise your point of sale units and products together. On another hand, 2019 has been the year of the duotone! Used by the likes of Spotify, it’s a trend that is simplistic yet effective and allows colours to contrast against each other to increase impact on the viewer’s eye.

Bold is better

Sometimes, being bold is better! Using bold typography in POS designs will allow you to create a contrast amongst your regular typography allowing you to create stand out messaging for exclusive sales, new product launches and other messaging you want to shout about. 2019 will see designs using extra-loud, dramatic and bolder fonts. This trend will continue to grow in popularity with those wanting to create an impression. Your posters, window displays and FSDU units will stand out from competitors when paired with this design trend. Using bold colours and contrasting bold typography is an effective way of mixing two trends together and a great way to catch the attention of customers walking by!   Utilising the right design trends in your POS can make or break your in-store marketing campaign. Use design elements that complement the type of point of sale unit you are working with. At Simpson Group we work with you throughout the whole process of producing a new and exciting point of sale marketing campaign. Contact us today to see how you can start increasing footfall into your stores!
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