FSDUs: The 5 sectors that should be using them

FSDUs: The 5 sectors that should be using them

FSDUs also known as free standing display units can be effectively deployed in a retail environment to increase and drive sales revenues. This doesn’t necessarily mean pushing your customers to spend big, however to find a product that is at a low price but high value to your clients. Repeat purchases are those that can drive revenues through the roof with creating a life time value that is worth more than just a one-off purchase. Whilst expert knowledge from sales assistants will secure a sale, investing in a display that will benefit your product will work wonders. Eye-catching visuals and well positioned retail display units means store-owners will see a significant rise in profit due to the curiosity of new customers and increasing the familiarity of your brand with returning ones.   Incorporating an FSDU into an environment that is as competitive as the high street, we take a look at how the versatile FSDU can be used across a variety of sectors in retail and other market places. An FSDU has the potential to create an uplift in sales in a number of environments, however it is up to the Marketing team in charge of the point of sale of a store to design and push the POS campaign to achieve the marketing objectives and goals.


Whether it is in-store or at a dealer’s garage, using free standing display units to display the latest product range will not only make your showroom look great, but also drive sales faster than a Hennessy Venom GT (and they’re fast). Our units can be innovated and designed to your requirements and brief, whether that is to withstand a heavy weight of up to 21kg. Whilst tyres, sound systems and SATNAVs are at the more expensive end of the scale, to drive sales in items such as these display them effectively on an FSDY. However to up sell your products focus on the cheaper items which can be easily added to a shopping basket with out any thought. Using a pronged FSDU like the one below is a great way to show the variety that you have on offer of cheaper items like an air-freshener . This unit is great for a variety of products that feature a euro hole, so the limitations of this unit doesn’t stop at just air fresheners.   Simpson Group's Pronged FSDUs   Other than our pronged FSDUs being incredibly versatile, we have the ability to create innovative units that can display your products. An excellent way to create a buzz around your product and make them jump out from your competitor’s products. Filling a point of sale unit with products that are relatively low in price will create an impulse buy amongst customers browsing or calling in-store to pick something up. Using deals and offers will highlight your products further. Our coatings sector FSDUs are perfect for the automotive industry because of their footprint and capabilities of displaying heavy items such as paint tins and bottles. Our coatings FSDUs can be found here.


As FSDUs are designed to increase product visibility and maximise brandy equity amongst customers at the point of purchase. It is important to make your brands design unique and eye-catching as this will increase your visibility against competitors. One of the biggest growing markets today is the beauty market, with mass beauty having a revenue of $4.4 billion and premium beauty having a revenue of $3.2 Billion, it is understandable the importance of having the right free standing unit to uplift your brand against competitors. Beauty is a mixture of high-spend items and low-spend items. From one offs like hair dryers and straighteners, to the products that make it easier to part with our hard-earned cash like lip balms and beauty masks. 2017 saw an uproar in the demand for Asian inspired beauty sheet masks. The skin care market accounts for 36.4% of the beauty market’s revenue, making it one of the biggest reigning markets in the sector. It is no wonder why consumers are going crazy for the newest craze. What’s the beauty of a sheet mask? They are easy to apply and come at a fraction of the cost of an expensive moisturiser. Whilst beauty masks are cheap to buy one or two, they can build in revenue when bulk bought, making it the perfect product to market to your consumers. FSDUs like a pocket free standing unit houses these types of products perfectly, these units allow you to display a variety of sheet masks.     Whether a beauty mask or a lip balm, using a display unit can upsel a low-cost beauty purchase with a more expensive one.  


Technology is booming, especially in the North East. The north east is becoming one of the biggest hot spots for tech firms. But how do you market an IT solution or a tech device? With the industry continually developing, the technology market is stronger than ever, meaning that in a retail environment competition can be tough to push the latest gadget in front of the end consumer. Often the latest iPhone and latest technological revolution comes with a hefty price tag which an in-store sales person can help push sales on the latest model, the question is what is an effective way to display them? Using a unit that houses these expensive models means you can use them for a short-run period, and once the new model is out you can replace the previous design with an updated unit to display them in. Free standing units are also a perfect solution at upselling these expensive gadgets, phone cases and low-cost add-ons are always popular at the point of purchase. Using counter display units to perfectly merchandise smaller add-on gadgets such as chargers and cases. Our counter display unit below is the perfect printing solution to display smaller products that can be placed on a counter top and is in your customer’s vision line once they hit the check out.  

Food and Drink

Though retail is usually a natural fit for free standing units, another market that benefits from the merchandising units is the food and drink sector. Whether it is a coffee shop or a boutique farm shop, using a free standing unit to showcase your newest produce can work wonders! Apart from our web2print solution being an excellent print solution for coffee shops to print customisable posters to a latest offer or new product release, utilising counter display units and tent cards are a great way to upsell your products with a complimentary breakfast bar, or cake. Shelf ready boxes with attractive displays are a great way to push your products above competition. It is up to your display units to do the talking and entice your customers to choose yours instead of a competitors.  


Whilst streaming Netflix is one of the most popular ways to watch a movie, nothing beats going to the cinemas and experiencing your favourite actors on the big screen. Innovative theatre free standing units are a great way to catch movie goer’s attention and drive them to want to go and see your film. Often free-standing units are used to advertise a new film, however captivate younger audiences making their experience more interactive. Free standing units and allow them to be part of their favourite movie sets. Recreate and captivate your audience using temporary free-standing units. Our in-theatre free standing units are pictorial, functional and easy to assemble.   Contact us if you require more information on how FSDUs could drive sales for your brand. sales@simpsongroup.co.uk | 0191 416 1579
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