FSDU Display Stands

What is an FSDU Retail Display Stand

An FSDU Retail display stands (FSDU) or a FSDU Retail display stand is a type of flexible retail display that’s dedicated to highlighting key products, typically in retail environments. Usually made from cardboard, FSDU retail display stands are a popular standalone retail display solution – combining practical product storage with personalisable advertising space.They are great for helping to maximise the impact of your business’ promotions and sale events within a retail environment. 

Their lightweight, portable design makes an FSDU retail product display stand a dynamic promotional display option for both retailers and brands pitching up at trade shows – offering an easy, affordable and effective way to do everything from advertising impulse buys to building brand awareness.

If you’re looking for professional quality retail display stands for your store, these highly adaptable solutions provide an in-store tool for turning heads and maximising revenue – and all for an affordable price. Cardboard display stands like these offer a rewarding return on your investment, helping you to make the most of every product promotion and increase what your customers spend during their visit to your shop.While an FSDU is a standalone Point Of Sale item, you can also incorporate it into your entire visual merchandising display if you wish! Custom FSDUs are great to ensure that your POS items match with your brand identity or promotions you are focusing on during a particular season.

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By using FSDU Retail free standing display stands you have the power to:

  • Control how your product is presented and looks to your consumer.
  • Push sales at the point of purchase.
  • Increase your products visibility amongst the noise of competitors products.
  • Maximise your brands awareness in a busy retail environment.
  • Display your products in a tidy and customer-friendly manner.

Our FSDU Retail Display Stands are:

  • Lightweight so you can position the display wherever you want.
  • Durable so you can display your products on for a long period of time.
  • Easy to assemble, and to disassemble. Ultimately reducing the amount of time spent merchandising your products.
  • Flat packed for low distribution and storage costs.
  • We print our FSDU Retail display stands in a number of ways depending on the clients brief. Our most popular printing method is printing in high definition using quality UV inks on sturdy EB flute board.
  • Bespoke so that your retail display is one of a kind and on-brand.
FSDU Retail display stands

How can you get the most out of your FSDUs?

Eye-catching, space-saving and budget-friendly, FSDU retail display stands are an essential weapon in any retailer’s merchandising arsenal – and with our help, you can make your in-store displays work for you:

  • Complement the brand and the product: A free standing display may be an off-the-shelf solution that is designed to stand out, but that doesn’t mean you should stray too far from your store’s overall design theme. Customise your FSDU retail display stands by choosing a design that echoes both your brand identity and the products it will be used to promote – that way, you’ll be able to make a lasting impression on your customers. Your free standing display unit can be designed in a variety of different colours and patterns in order to keep within your own brand guidelines.
  • Look through your customers’ eyes: Typically between 1m and 2m in height, FSDUs vary in shape and size – so you’ll need to think strategically when it comes to catching the eye of shoppers in your store. Think carefully about the customers eyeline when designing your FSDU and positioning any crucial marketing messages so that your display unit can have the intended effect. You can display items from beauty products, technology products, food and drink products, entertainment items and much more.
  • Think practically: Cardboard FSDUs are lightweight, meaning they’re easy to move around the store – but there’s no doubt that moving your FSDU will become more or less of a challenge depending on the products you choose to fill it with. Before designing your FSDU, think about the sorts of products it will be used to display – and whether they’re a suitable choice for these light, free-standing units – so that your staff can take advantage of the store layout by placing these promotional displays in the most prominent and practical location. Another great factor is that as they are made from cardboard, they are also recyclable! 
  • Show products in their best light: Whether they’re positioned at the ends of aisles or en route to the point of sale, the customisable nature of FSDUs means you can find a design that draws maximum attention to key products – and with some strategic in-store lighting, you can make your product promotions shine. Maximise the impact of every FSDU by placing a spotlight overhead, and your special offers will soon attract customers

Can I order a customised FSDU?

Yes you can, if you have something in mind that doesn’t fit our readymade FSDU solutions then we have a team of experienced CAD designers who can walk through the process of creating a bespoke unit for your brand.

The benefits of having a bespoke FSDU is that it is solely unique to your brand, and won’t be seen anywhere else. You also have full control of the finished look and feel of the FSDU – this gives you the opportunity to tweak any details you see fit.

Other than working with a team of CAD designers, you will have a member of our client services team guide you through the whole process, from the initial idea to the finished product. At Simpson Group we are proud to be working with you every step of the way.

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3 Shelf FSDU Retail display stands in the UK
2 Shelf FSDU Retail display stands in the UK

Contact us for more information

If your business is looking to update their retail display or you have an exciting promotion coming up, then be sure to get in touch with our team here at Simpson Group, where we can help you come up with the best retail displays and execute them effectively. If you require more information about our FSDU Printing, or if your requirements are more bespoke – please complete our contact form on our website and a member of our experienced Client Services team will be in touch shortly.

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