The Challenge

TUI required a window display to advertise Sensatori holidays in Thomson travel stores, the objective of Window Display for Tui was to attract customers into the store from the high street.

The Solution

Aspirational images associated with Sensatori holidays were litho printed on both the front (window facing) and back (shop facing) sides of the poster. To strengthen the visual impact, a separate element with the ‘It’s Amazing’ slogan was printed with a special glitter effect and fixed to the top edge of the poster.


To achieve the correct glitter effect, a series of trial runs were executed to determine the precise combination of mesh (openness) and additives to base mixes. To achieve the clients desired look and feel, a combination of 100 and 200 micron particles were applied within the base medium.

The ‘It’s Amazing’ part is detachable, allowing the client to alternate the posters on a seasonal basis.

The Result