Retail display stands: Capitalising on What Kids Want

Retail display stands: Capitalising on What Kids Want

There’s a new shopper on the high street that’s causing a stir with marketers and retailers. With smaller family sizes, dual incomes and older parents, more families in modern society are willing to spend their disposable income based on recommendations from their child. Peer pressure and access to online advertisements mean children are hungry for the latest gadgets - and their persistence to purchase means these products are flying off the shelf.

As well as being the future generation of shoppers, children have the power to persuade their parents in a way that marketers may not. That’s why today, we’re taking a look at how you can encourage children to influence their parents’ in-store buying decisions. From designing a child-friendly store layout to influencing in an educational environment, our guide explains how you can boost in-store sales by appealing to what a kid wants.

Be persistent with pester power

Whether it’s peer pressure to own a particular brand or the effect of an outstanding advertising campaign, children have an uncontrollable need for owning the latest gadgets as soons as they hit the shops. Persistent nagging for the product can mean parents give in to the child and make a purchase, whereas the highly effective ‘importance nagging’ stems from the parents’ desire to provide for and please their child.

Inducing pester power relies on a well designed store layout, so it’s vital for any retailer to invest in high-quality point of sale stands. For maximum impact, opt for impactful hanging signs and customisable dump bins that will prompt children to promote your products. Dump bins for shops not only add valuable shelf-space, but their lightweight design means that they’re versatile too. A prominently placed dump bin will entertain a child as they queue for a till point, meaning they’ll soon be pestering their parent to increase their in-store spend and make a purchase.

Go back to school


Recent budget shortfalls have left educational environments in desperate need of learning equipment, which is fantastic news for companies seeking a young, captive audience. Sponsorship of schools implies the endorsement of the educational system, and is a fantastic way to spread your brand message with this influential generation. From supplying schools with technology to providing branded educational resources, it couldn’t be easier to initiate brand recognition in the classroom.

Invite classes to take a field trip to your office or factory for a lesson in real-life work. This will not only be highly beneficial for child development, but you’ll also build positive associations between your business, the students and their parents. When the child recognises your logo on the high street, their brand loyalty means they’ll push for a buying decision in your favour - making in-class advertising one of the most effective forms of child-focused marketing.

Target with technology

The nation’s obsession with the online world has changed the way we shop, not to mention the way that brands market themselves. Millennials may be dubbed as the digital addicts, but it’s the children of today that are accessing online advertising campaigns on a daily basis. Social media provides the perfect platform for targeting the right demographic - using a tool that’s based on data provided by users themselves.

Build relationships between you and your intended audience by creating viral videos and personalising posts to suit each age-range. This sense of brand loyalty will resonate with children when they see products in-store and encourage them to persuade their parents to make a purchase.

There’s no denying the powers of persuasion held by post-millennials. Capitalising on what a kid wants can have a dramatic impact on in-store sales, so ensure your store layout appeals to these influencers.

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