5 tips on how to increase sales this Halloween

Aug 23, 2018

With Halloween creeping up on us, many retailers are already preparing ghoulishly uplifting FSDUs and in-store marketing displays to gain a share of the £310 million market. Halloween is a sweet spot for adults and children alike, both having festive costume parties to attend to and trick or treating. The alcohol, fashion, confectionary and entertainment sectors are tipped to steal the show again in terms of sales performances, however we have to question how are they effectively marketing their products to their audience, and could they be doing it in a more effective way?

With the UK inflation in 2018 being lower than 2017 and cost of living remaining the same, it is expected that trick or treaters will have an extra pound or two to spare this Halloween. The analysis from consumer analyst Mintel, showed 40% of Brits spent money on Halloween in 2016. Which included an increasing popular trend amongst 50% of millennials (16-35) spending money on the occasion, whilst 71% of millennials enjoyed joining in on Halloween. When considering point of sale displays, you will need to question which target market you intend to pursue this holiday.

According to the national retail federation, Halloween is certainly not for kids anymore as 2017 saw
– 48% of adults wearing a costume
– 16% pets being dressed up
– 35% of Halloween goers attending or throwing a party
– 71% of Halloween goers handing out confectionary
– 49% of homes being decorated

Whether you are a fashion retailer or a home retailer, it is hard to ignore that using point of sale units to captivate your consumer’s fears and fantasies is the way to increase Halloween spending.

Online and brick and mortar stores are ploughing investment into fashion lines with more fashion forward options for Halloween, creating social media competitions and collaborations. Instagram collaboration amongst brands is always a successful way of creating a buzz around new products, however a brand must not forget the offline transition that faces the customer who wishes to complete their customer journey in store.

Using free standing display units and enchanting visual window displays to merchandise your Halloween products in-line with your social media and online campaigns is a great way to create a link by association with your customer and instantly gaining a competitive advantage, especially during one of the most busiest periods of the year.

We have listed the 5 ways of how to raise sales from the dead using an in-store FSDU and Point of sale displays.

1. Halloween Product Dump bins
Though spending is increasing year-on-year on Halloween items, a product dump bin will never go a miss for those looking for a bargain at Halloween. From stick on claws, clothing accessories to even Halloween themed alcohol mixers – a dump bin is the perfect way to increase sales through impulse purchasing with the promotion of seasonal collections. Position your dumpbins in high traffic locations such as aisles that relate to a Halloween costume (i.e nails next to the witches costumes, fake blood next to vampire costumes etc) or next to the point of purchase.

Halloween Product Dumpbin

2. Pronged units

Using a pronged unit with euro hooks is a great way of increasing consumer spending on items such as confectionary and costumes. At Simpson Group we have the capabilities to produce pronged units that will spook your consumers into wanting to purchase your products! From coffins to pumpkins, our NPD and CAD team possess the skills and experience to conjure up anything.

Why is a pronged unit the unit for you this Halloween? A pronged unit allows you to create a customer experience that is fuss free, the prongs allows the customer to easily hook the product off without any rearranging of products. Make sure that you position all of the products correctly, or this could add unwanted time spent sifting through the different types.

As with any unit, it is important to include cohesive brand messaging across all of your marketing channels.

Halloween FSDU


3. Promotion is key

Facebook and Instagram offer effective ads to drive footfall in-store. Through using eye-catching imagery and graphics in online advertisement will not only allow you to create more brand driven point of sale designs, but it will also make your brand instantly recognisable the minute a consumer follows the in-store ad promotion online into your store. Ad formats can include videos, images and carousels, often the most memorable make the most impact. These are often used to create awareness to those nearby, so this method is great to target consumers who are shopping in close proximity to your store. Using location specific ads will allow you to personalise target messages to your consumers, which will create a better consumer experience by increasing the personalised element of your campaign.

Using another method of promotion to increase visibility of your store presence is to incorporate in-store offers only that can be pushed online or competitions that require coming in-store for user generated content. Using online offer codes that can be redeemed instore will create a need for the customer to visit the physical store instead of making an order online. Benchmarking your products against your competitor is important in this instance as you don’t want to offer the same product for more than your online competitors, otherwise you will lose out to convenience and a lower price. Making use of video content and how-to tutorials promotes the interactivity of the product and conveys a message to the consumer that they can’t get this experience other than coming in store and to try the product out.


4. Bespoke units to capture consumer’s attention

Enchant your customers this halloween with a bespoke FSDU. Creating an in-store theatre display not only speaks volumes to customers but it offers a visual display that no other store can offer as it is personalised for you to target your customer base. Merchandise anything from Halloween themed drinks and food to accessories. The possibilities are endless with bespoke units that put your products at the centre of passing by shopper’s attentions.

Utilising a point of sale display that incorporates moving objects, interesting material and LED Lights have the potential to elevate your brand above your competition’s point of sale displays, and create a want from your customers to investigate.

From award winning Halloween Castles to pirate chests, our units are ideal to merchandise your Halloween products in.

5. Use a Halloween FSDU!

Using a Halloween FSDU in your in-store point of sale marketing campaign is as simple as 1,2,3. Utilise your floor space and popular selling points with a free standing display unit fully stocked with the latest ghoulish goods. Through weight testing we have developed FSDUs that withstand the heaviest of alcohol bottles. Perfect for the Halloween season, Simpson Group’s durable and effective units allows your brand to celebrate in style and go down with a bang! Why not see more of our print solutions on our case studies page, if we can’t convince you I’m sure the successes of our client base will.

At Simpson Group we know how important it is to get your target audience fully involved and engaged with your brand during competitive parts of the year. So, whether you are launching a new product, promoting a new campaign or simply want to shout about your brand and products, we can assist you!

With over 46 years of experience in the printing industry, we ensure that you are getting the most cost-effective solution suited to your budget. Working with our professional and friendly client services team we know we can get the solution that will drive your brand awareness and sales up and up! Get in touch with us at marketing@simpsongroup.co.uk. Alternatively, you can use our contact us page.