Print Finishing Capabilities

Print Finishing Capabilities

Print Finishing Capabilities Simpson Group

Once printed each item must pass through one or more of a variety of machine finishing processes depending on the final appearance and use of the POP item.

At Simpson Group we have invested in a number of print finishing and packing machines that takes our level of service to the next level. Our commitment is to set the highest standards of quality, which is carried throughout all of our processes. Our print finishing are industry leading and we offer a number of finished to enhance our printed products in house and to elevate the customer’s experience.

Below are some of the finishes that we are able to proudly provide to our customers.

Print Collation

Accurate collation is an essential part of any successful in-store retail campaign. Incorrect or late distribution can mean lost sales opportunities. Once we have printed your campaign they will be packed and collated using our state of the art col-tec collating machine. We have the capabilities to collate all of your promotional items into individual kits personalised to each of your stores. This service compliments our web2print variable print solution.

Die Cutting

Cutting and creasing to shape can visually enhance the appearance of POP items, but it also is used to create physical 3D displays such as FSDUs (Free standing display units) and dump bins. A variety of die cutting machine sin different formats and operation are available, each suitable for a different range of jobs and finishes. 



Guillotine Trimming

All flat sheet, square items need to be cut down to their finished size after print processing. This is to ensure that the press grip edges, colour control strips and colours that bleed off the edge of the sheet are cut off. Once printed the individual items are guillotine cut out of the working sheet. Hundreds of sheets can be cut in one pile at a time depending on the thickness of the substrate being cut.


Larger volumes of displays are often litho printed onto paper and then laminated (mounted) to a thicker grade corrugated board (generally EB Flute or FE Flute). The laminating process is simple and effective. The receiving thicker substrate is coated with a thin film of adhesive while the printed thinner sheet is fed onto the receiving sheet through pressurised rollers so achieving a permanent bond.


These are only some of our print finishing capabilities, to find out more feel free to contact us.