Plant List

Simpson Group Elitron

Large format digital printing

Simpson Group Onset X3
Simpson Group Durst Rho 312R
Simpson Group Durst Rho P10
Simpson Group Mimaki JV400

Small format printing

Ricoh c7100 Simpson Group

Screen Printing

Svecia Sam X 5

Lithographic Printing

Man Roland 904XXL UV Press

Digital Finishing Capabilities

Elitron TAV-4 Simpson Group
Svecia Sam X 5
Man Roland 904XXL UV Press

Pre-press equipment

• Esko Automation Engine with Job Management & iCut Automate Module.     WebCenter with advanced Approval

• 5 seats ArtiosCAD software

• 3m x 2m Zund Sample Cutting Table

• GMG ColorProof and ProofControl

• Full in-house Luscher CTP (Computer to Plate)

Other finishing equipment


• 2 x Large Format Guillotines

• Adjustable Drilling Machine

• Youngshin 2600 x 1650 Semi-automatic Die-cutter

• Crosland Hand-fed Die-cutter

• Lamina 1620 Semi-automatic Mounting Press