Lithographic Printing

Lithographic Printing

Lithographic Printer UK | Providing high quality large quantity print runs

What is a Lithographic Printer?

As a Lithographic Printer we use lithography to achieve large volume high quality prints. In offset Lithography the printed image is achieved through a fine chemical balance of water and oil based inks. The image areas of the plate are great at receiving the ink and repel the water use in Lithographic Printing; whereas the non-image areas are water receptive. The water wets the non-image areas of the plate and prevents the ink from adhering.

Simpson Group is a leading lithographic printer having adopting the printing process since our establishment in 1972. Using our Man Roland 904XXL UV lithographic printer we are able to meet the demand of our clients who require a print run of 100 or more!


The Lithographic Printer’s process can offer the following benefits in the production of POP

Quality – Very high quality and fine detail with colour reproduction as fine as 250 lines per inch.

Output Speeds – High running speeds of up to 10,000 sheets per hour in large format. In effect large format litho presses run at an average of 15,000sq. metres per hour.

UV Technology – Ability to print onto a wide range of substrates from paper and boards up to 1.2mm to PVC, Polypropylene and self-adhesive vinyl.

Benefits of a Lithographic Printer

High speed printing

Large Volume Printing

Extensive choice of paper stocks and weights

Fantastic Colour Reproduction

Point of Sale you can produce using a Lithographic Printer

Large format printing


Large Run Point of sale

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