Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

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What is Large Format Printing?

Large Format Printing refers to printing onto materials that are too large to be printed on most readily available sizes of commercial printing presses. Sometimes referred to as Wide-format printing, large format printing requires the use of speciality production equipment that can accommodate bigger than normal print dimensions. At Simpson Group we have a range of large format printers, spanning Digital, Screen and Lithographic capabilities.

In the print industry, large format is a relative term because maximum print sizes vary from printer to printer. But generally speaking, large format refers to the following categories of printed solutions.

At Simpson Group we are able to print a large variety of large format print. Large format printing is used by a number of sectors including retail, automotive, horticulture and OOH advertising. The main purpose of large format print materials is for promotional and marketing campaign purposes.

As you can see, large format printing has many uses. It can be used to get attention from afar, to provide quick reference, or to provide a large visual for use in a classroom or other instructional setting. Also, most businesses use large format print materials for promotional purposes.

Whatever your need for large format printing, get in touch with Simpson Group.

Lithographic Printing is the perfect choice for large volumes of print. Our clients choose us for our Lithographic Print capabilities because we have been known for the quality of our Lithographic printing work since the offset. 

Lithographic Printing is the process which is the most common choice fo high-volume printing. Using only the top quality papers and inks to ensure the results our clients expect, we have been able to establish ourselves in the printing industry.

Litho printing is also recommended if you need to print large areas of solid single colour because it appears very smooth with no visible pixels. The choice of paper weights is also greater, as litho presses will easily run from 60gsm up to 500gsm.

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