Industrial Placements


Simpson Group provides opportunities for undergraduates to gain real life work experience during their studies.

These industrial placements allow undergraduates to gain confidence in their ability to practise their trade outside the confines of the classroom, and for the company to retain an independent appraisal of state-of-the-art technology. The student is much more experienced when returning to their final year, with an increased level of confidence that is reflected in their final grades. Their CV is also enhanced with demonstrable evidence of real-world, practical experience.

Jack Cooper (Current Placement Student 2015/16)

“I am just over 6 months into my industrial placement year here at Simpson Group, and so far it has been a brilliant experience. From day one I have been involved in all the major IT plans for the company; and importantly I have been treat as a permanent employee throughout. Simpson Group consider their employees their greatest asset; and this is evident in my day-to-day responsibilities. Unlike the two previous industrial placement students, I arrived at Simpson Group with a different IT skillset (Predominantly Java, with a greater theoretical perspective) but this has not affected my work performance or progression. I have been given the time to learn and understand the .NET framework, and I have also been encouraged to bring my academic knowledge and experience into the company. For me the industrial placement year is a great opportunity to take a break from university studies, whilst gaining invaluable industrial experience. I have learnt and utilised technologies not taught at my university, which will be of great benefit to me after I graduate. The Simpson Group industrial placement is a fantastic opportunity which I would highly recommend applying for.”

Johnathan Cooling (Placement Student 2014/15)

“I am currently on the placement year at Simpson Group and every day offers something new to solve. During my time here so far I have learnt techniques and methodologies that are not necessarily covered at university. In the three months I have been here I have been working on lots of different projects, recently I have been in the process of improving the user interface and experience of this application. The skills that I will have learnt by the end of this placement will definitely aid me in my final year and rest of my working career. Simpson Group is a fantastic opportunity that is not to be missed.”

Adam Riddick (Placement Student 2013/14)

“Over the last year Simpson Group has offered me a fantastic opportunity not only to gain experience in an industrial environment, but also to learn new skills, grow as a person and prove myself in an industrial setting. During the year I have learned just how different Industry is from the academia, and how to cope with the constant change in requirements that comes with the field. I have working experience of agile project management practices, using Scrum, and have worked closely with some of the company’s largest clients, building strong relationships. My role has taken me everywhere from analysis, design and implementation, through a range of differing technologies. I have developed front-end skills, server side skills, and infrastructure and management skills. The broad range of experience I have gained in my placement year will aide me for the rest of my career. I am incredibly grateful that Simpson Group offered me this opportunity. The people are fantastic and the plans for the future are ever intriguing. I would advise anyone in the position to step into a role with Simpson Group to accept without hesitation.”