Graduate Opportunities

Simpson Group is committed to providing opportunities for graduates in the form of KTP programmes.

A KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) is a government sponsored partnership between an academic body and an organisation that provides:

The company with an associate who holds specialist knowledge in a certain area, who will dispense that knowledge to other relevant people within the organisation. The organisation will also receive the benefit of a closer tie with an academic body, which may be able to provide external guidance.

The academic body with real world problems to solve and create case studies for.

The associate (a recent university graduate) with relevant work experience and the expectation of receiving further personal development. As a part-government funded programme, a company entering into a KTP programme contributes between 33 and 50 per cent of the project cost, with the government contributing the remainder.

Results of KTP programmes at Simpson Group

KTP with Teesside University (2014-2016)

Associate: Daniel Whittaker Qualification: BSc (Hons) Computer Science Focus: The integration of IT systems within Simpson Group and how they may be optimized and expanded upon Result: Improved IT systems across the business

KTP with Teesside University (2006-2008)

Associate: Matt Burford Focus: Improving Simpson Group’s capabilities to provide new products for clients Result: The creation of the NPD (New Product Development) department