Irn Bru’s Forth Rail Bridge

The Challenge 

To create an interchangeable family of units to be used in various Scottish stores

The Solution 

The Forth Rail Bridge Modular Unit


Fantastic sales uplift in all locations+18% in Tesco on Regular IRN-BRU Uplift of £1133 in ASDA Hamilton store

The Challenge

The brief was to create a merchandise display for placement within Asda and Tesco supermarkets to hold their 2ltr Irn Bru Regular and Sugar Free range. The units were to be placed in 25 Scottish stores over the Christmas period (December – January) and thus the idea was to base the display around an iconic Scottish landmark – The Forth Rail Bridge, whilst incorporating a festive feel good factor. This meant keeping in mind the iconic Irn Bru TV Christmas advert featuring the Snowman cartoon. The main requirements of this unit were for it to be interchangeable and shoppable from all sides, with additional 3D lug on’s for the Irn Bru and Snowman Logo’s.

The Solution

The Snowman has become an icon in AG Barr’s Christmas campaigns as well as a UK Christmas institution for the generation who grew up with Irn Bru. AG Barr launched their first Christmas-focused television campaign for their signature soft drink, IRN BRU, in 2006. Since then, they’ve continued to play around with Raymond Brigg’s original story of “The Snowman”, which has become a family favourite and now, something of a tradition. The arrival of the Irn Bru Christmas Snowman marks the start of the festive season for many Scottish customers and thus it undoubtedly had to be incorporated into the display alongside one of the countries most famous landmarks.

Each display was sized to fit around two 800×600 pallets, although the display was designed to be a modular unit. This allowed any number of units to be sited alongside each other, allowing the units to interchangeable depending on each stores specific requirements.

The bridge and snowman detailing to the header were designed as lug on’s to give the unit a 3D aspect which would bring the display to life and thus create a larger impact in-store. The snowman and a boy are shown flying over the Forth Bridge, complimenting the television advert, in which they soar above snowy landscapes and Scottish landmarks.

The trickiest part was indeed the sizing of the header (the bridge), it was the main part of the design and therefore needed to be large enough to create a strong impact and stand out in an over-crowded market, whilst not being too large that the stability of the units were affected.

The Result

The unit achieved its main objective of creating a high visual impact through the inclusion of an iconic Scottish Landmark and its traditional Snowman whilst being interchangeable and shoppable from all sides, consequently increasing sales over the Christmas period. The display also fitted in seamlessly with Irn Bru’s overall Christmas advertising campaign

The client reported a direct uplift in sales across all stores. Whilst noting two examples in particular: within the Tesco Redding Road Falkirk Superstore, from 7th December to 4th January 2014 Irn-Bru 2ltr Regular sales increased by 18% VS.2013, whilst Irn-Bru 2ltr Sugar Free sales increased by 8.1% VS.2013 respectively. Within the Asda Hamilton store from 7th December to 4th January 2014 Irn-Bru 2ltr sales also increase by 10%.

Simpson Group took the brief and excelled in bringing it to life. The unit really stood out in a crowded market and proved extremely effective with attracting customers.

Sharon Clar

in-store Visibility department, AG Barr