Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital Printers in the UK

Increasing efficiency with Digital Printers

We have a selection of digital printers in our portfolio with the most recent investment in an OnsetX3 flat bed. Simpson Group are one of the UK’s leading digital printers, creating solutions for Retail, Automotive, Gambling and Entertainment and Leisure brands. Our clients include some of the most loved names on the highstreet.

We take pride in delivering an exceptional and personal experience and creating stunning printed solutions for any campaign. Using our portfolio of Digital Printers, we are able to produce cost effective and efficient jobs. Our digital printers can produce and print graphics onto almost anything from Roll Fed Material from paper to vinyl, Point of Sale Units (POS), FSDU (Free standing display units) and outdoor media to name a few.

Simpson Group are known within the industry for producing and delivery high quality jobs at the most competitive prices with a full service from Design to installation in time-critical deadlines. We use the latest large format digital print processes and machines in house. In addition to print and production, we provide a high level of print management and collate and packing. Ensuring that your job gets to you quick and safe.

Digital Printing is the perfect choice for small to medium volumes of print. Our clients choose us for our Digital Print capabilities because we are trusted for delivering high quality work. 

Digital Printing is cost effective and quick. Our Onsetx3 flat bed has the capability of printing on a substrate size of 3.22m x 1.6m, and capable of printing at up to a blistering 900m²/hr (180 beds/hr). The Onset X3 sits at the pinnacle of productivity. With Onset X3 we have the confidence of printing long runs of high-quality print with superb consistency and reliability.  The 14 channels feature three sets of CMYK plus the choice of white or orange.

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