Simpson Group Investor's in people

Someone who is in the middle of the storm is our assistant team leader on our collation and despatch department, Jamie-Leigh. Having been with us for 3 years, Jamie-Leigh has successfully progressed through the company starting as an agency worker, Jamie-Leigh was soon promoted to being a permanent casual worker. After that progressions, she was then given the opportunity to lead assurance as the Assistant Team Leader, the role she currently is in at the moment.


Having a natural flare for a busy and hands on approach to work, Jamie-Leigh has graduated University with a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Sports Therapy, as well as having a BTEC national Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences, FA level 1 Football coaching award and Level 2 fitness instructing certificate. A proven track record to be a natural born leader, it is no surprise that Jamie-Leigh is currently studying for a Chartered Managers Degree at Teeside University, a degree that has allowed Jamie-Leigh to work at Simpson Group, whilst still having the opportunity to study. Upon successfully completing the course, Jamie-Leigh will have an honours degree and full Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Chartered Manager status. Chartered Manager is the highest achievable status in the management profession, is awarded only by the CMI and is recognised and valued across all sectors. With this degree, it is clear that her goal is to continue and develop herself as an individual, as well as in her career.


I was able to have 10 minutes of Jamie-leigh’s time in her busy schedule, where I asked her several questions relating to the course and her time at Simpson Group.


I asked her ‘Do you enjoy the course? If so which modules are your favourite and which are your least favourite?


Yes I am enjoying the course as it helps me to develop my ideas towards my place of work and to become better as a leader if not a manager in the future. I particularly enjoyed the business operations module but find I have a dislike to the finance as math is not my strongest point. Taking this into consideration, we have only covered a few modules at this moment in time so my opinions may change.


Thomas:          What inspired you to do this course?


I am extremely committed to progressing in anything I do and always find ways to become better within my career. I try to put myself out of my comfort zone for my own personal development as I struggle a lot with self-confidence however, if I gain more knowledge around my particular job role I feel this will bring out the confidence I need to progress further in the future.


Thomas:          How do you think the course will benefit you whilst working at Simpson Group?


I have shown that I am more than willing to study further into how a business is managed and how different ways of working can improve yourself as a manager. This could help me within future job roles that may become available within the company allowing me to progress even further.


Thomas:          Do you have any ambition to progress further at Simpson Group, do you think that this course will help you do so?


I previously applied for the despatch manager role at Simpson group. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful but from the pointers I was given can help me to work on my weaknesses and to try harder to be where I want to be within the company. I decided to take the course to help me with self-improvement which in turn may mean I am successful in the future if the job was to be advertised again. I suppose every cloud has a silver lining 🙂


Thomas: A little fun question to take our minds off studying, A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?


He says “you should keep trying to get where you want to be”
He’s here because – think he’s missed the turning for the Antarctica, he’s still trying to get there.

Keep your eyes peeled for other interviews with our people! We have a few members of staff that have their 10 year anniversary coming up, including one of our directors.