Whether you celebrate Easter Sunday for the traditional reason of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, or simply because you enjoy eating copious amounts of chocolate there is no getting away from how much the UK consumes at Easter time.

Easter time is usually a chocolatier and chocolate retailers best friend with re-launches of all time favourites such as the cream egg, to the cheap and cheerful pound Easter eggs piled high on point of sale in supermarkets to the more exquisite and captivating by leading department stores and famous chocolatiers.

We look at the best and most outrageous Easter eggs of 2018!

Le Bristol Easter Egg €650

Julien Alvarez, Le Bristol Paris’ talented chef has done the unthinkable and not only has crafted an egg that makes our mouths water, but our wallets too! This luxurious egg has been made using 7kg of exquisite Peruvian Grand Cru chocolate and caramelised hazelnut chips.

Not only does this look fantastic, but the stir that this would cause in a retail window display would be crowd stopping.






Imperial in Bloom – Bettys £250

Bettys tea rooms in Harrogate are synonymous with extravagance and elegance, however this year they have exceeded this with their Imperial In Bloom Easter egg. This beautiful creation re-imagines Bettys grand Imperial Easter Egg in shimmering eau de nil. Made with 5 kilos of white and milk chocolate, it’s decorated with a burst of spring blossoms, bluebells, primroses, forget-me-nots and butterflies – and made entirely by hand.

If you are passing this Easter, make sure to check out Bettys window display to see this piece of art.





The Dorchester’s Fat free and Floral Easter egg – £195

The Dorchester’s fat free and floral Easter egg was just undercut by Bettys £250 price tag. This egg is definitely worth the investment if it doesn’t make you pile of the extra chocolate weight gained over Easter. Unfortunately as this Easter egg isn’t made out of chocolate, and instead has been constructed from tightly bunched roses then it makes it completely inedible. But at least it’s pretty to look at. I personally would still prefer a one that I could eat.

None the less, we think that this would display beautifully as a centre piece.






Pierre Marcolini – The egg hat £135

Egg or bunny? This creation sums up every iota of Pierre Marcolini’s avantgrade approach. This extravagant Easter egg houses two drawers full of 60 mini eggs and caramel critters.

This is definitely perfect for a fun filled easter event!








Fortnum & Mason Six Golden Prailine Eggs – £25

Six real hen egg shells have been intricately hollowed, painted gold for fairytale appeal and filled to the brim with praline chocolate. Crack as you would a real egg and enjoy the chocolate hazelnut goodness hidden inside!

Though this isn’t something as extravagant as the other Easter eggs, this is definitely a sweet treat.







Here are some stats to sink your teeth into:

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