Retail Sector FSDUs: Why they work

Retail Sector FSDUs: Why they work

Shop4pop1 Designing the layout of your store is a great time to think about think customer journey and map out a path that helps consumers navigate their way around. From easy-to-reach product placement to highlighting special offers and promotions, a store should be designed with the customer in mind. In today’s post, we’re using our industry knowledge to tell you why free standing display units (FSDUs) are important to retail and how you can use them to drive sales in your store.

Bold branding

When it comes to retail, the power of visual promotion is not to be underestimated. From your business’s logo and social media accounts to your dump bins and retail display stands, cohesive and concise branding gives your business personality. The way you showcase your business plays an integral part in how your audience engages with your brand. Designing the layout of your store is an opportunity to create a brand experience - and that starts from the moment a customer enters your store. Familiarity comes from pouring time into your customer relationships - and in-store promotional aids are a huge part of this. By building a brand your audience recognises, you can grow a loyal audience and maximise your chances of repeat custom. Promoting special offers and highlighting in-store bargains plays a big part in a store’s revenue - encouraging customers to make impulse purchases on their way to the till point. With strategically placed FSDUs and eye catching point of sale (POS) display stands, you can harness the power of visual promotion to impact on your ROI.

Buyer behaviour

shop4pop2 With slogans able to evoke emotion and particular colours targeting different demographics, there are a number of factors that contribute to the way we spend our money. While they might not realise it, by choosing to enter your store, a customer is embarking upon a journey with your brand. Knowing how your customers spend and why they behave the way they do is a crucial factor in your quest to drive sales - helping you keep your targeting on trend and boosting in-store revenue. In order to influence your customers’ journeys, design a natural path that leads them through your store - ensuring high selling products are easily accessible and regularly replenished. With your strong and impactful visual branding in place, you can work towards maximising spend-per-visit before your customers check out.

Retail merchandising tactics

Research has shown that multi-sensory marketing tactics can influence the way shoppers behave - so it’s worth thinking about shaking up your approach to reaching your target audience. From live demonstrations to timely giveaways, use your promotional materials to help you deliver on your goal of appealing to your audience. Free standing display and sale stands assist retailers with their mission of maximising on in-store promotions - and whether you’re investing in one FSDU or several, they can be tailored to suit your business. Easy to assemble, FSDUs are flexible and lightweight - meaning you can switch up your store’s look at a moment’s notice. In retail, time moves quickly - and by implementing FSDUs into your store’s design, you can adapt your marketing to suit the seasons or to lineup with holiday promotions. While shopping, customers are susceptible to impulse purchases - and by drawing on the power of point of sale stands and impactful FSDUs, you can encourage any last minute purchases before they reach the checkout. The till point is when your customers are most likely to add a final few items to their baskets - and you can encourage this by placing fast-selling, must-have products near the checkouts. Easy to move around and replenish, you can ensure your FSDUs are in the most effective spot in store at all times of the retail calendar - keeping your business one step ahead of the competition. To find out more contact us for more information!
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